Le Bricoleuse

Greetings internet,

In the last two months of a mixture of gut-wrenching life-crisis, confusion, and fleeting bouts of joy and thankfulness, I took a leap of faith and started a styling side project. I call it Le Bricoleuse Styling and I have a whole Instagram dedicated to it. I showcase my own personal style, but my main focus right now is to build a list of clients that desire my services and my eye for conceptual style. The long-term goal is to style editorial or creative projects and so far, I have a gig!

I doubt I can say too much about the project, but I am doing freelance styling for a boutique agency and I am so gassed about it. It’s stretching my abilities a bit because it’s a menswear line and I’m used to styling women, but one thing I’ve learned since finishing school is that the stretching never stops!

Meanwhile, I have been using friends as styling subjects to get some work going. This was a fun and breezy shoot because my subject Gabby, is effortless in front of the camera (that was particularly helpful because I am not a professional photographer by any means). I styled, photographed and edited the whole ordeal. Pretty proud of the finished product and am currently scouting for my next face. Could it be you? If you live in the LA area and are interested, drop me a DM via my Instagram or comment below!





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