New Beginnings

Welcome back to my space.

It only recently made sense for me to create a list of new year resolutions. I feel like as I get older I become a lot more reflective and with reflection, you’re able to notice things that you’d like to change about yourself. And boy, do I want to change a lot of things.

But this post isn’t about what my resolutions are. This post is about getting back to the heart of what I enjoy. And that is writing and documenting. I was reading my old blog posts in 2014 (when I started this blog) and I was surprised at how dedicated, thoughtful, vulnerable, and optimistic I was. Life really has the ability to harden you and I think with that territory comes a natural tendency to shrink back. It’s not that I stopped thinking–it’s just that I stopped sharing.

I’m going to go back to sharing. Of course, I do so with a bit of apprehension and wariness because I am now fully cognizant of the foils having too much of a digital footprint. Nonetheless, I will give it a go.

Today I had brunch with a few friends from my church, wandered around Little Tokyo for a bit (this is becoming my favorite spot and past-time where I got a PB&J vegan donut and then went to go see Lady Bird in a small vintage theater in Los Feliz. A little surprised at the fact that all these years I’ve lived in LA and I haven’t properly explored Los Feliz. It was a two hour occassion that pleasantly turned into an all day one. Don’t you love that in life? When things go longer than planned because you’re genuinely enjoying yourself?

It’s important to spend more time in your present. Keyword: your. Because we do spend time in the present, but when we’re focusing on everyone or everything else but ourselves, those things begin to consume our livelihoods. So spend time in your present–and don’t succumb into the temptation to run on autopilot.

Some pictures of the day below:



PB&J Donut!






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