California, Let Me Be Great.

Let’s talk about this coat.


It’s my most raved about piece since it debuted on my Instagram last week.

So we are clear–it is thrifted folks. Yes, this is what happens when you remain dedicated and faithful to finding rare pieces of beautiful clothing amongst the heaps of ratty, worn out apparel in thrift stores. As some of you might know, for the most part I’ve given up fast fashion as a main source of shopping. The industry is literally stabbing our planet to death. I don’t want to get on my soapbox, but if you can help it–stop shopping fast fashion too!

Okay, back to the coat. When I first laid eyes on it–there were two thoughts that went through my mind. 1) It’s gorgeous! It’s mine! 2) But it’s California though….



You see, California has an interesting relationship with winter wear. SoCal never even touches sub zero temperatures, not to talk of even grazing the high 40s. Your weather app could say that it’s going to be 55 degrees and you can come prepared, only to be attacked by the beating hot noonday sun that makes you sweat bullets within your tweed coat. Then we have short stints of rain (although there seems to be a little more than usual this year), and before you know it, beach days come back into full swing. Because the cold is so brief and fickle in nature, no native Californian seems to own a proper pair of winter boots (unless they happen to be from the Bay or a ski aficionado). And it’s not their fault. Most retailers around here distribute non-insulating, incredibly thin polyurethane boots that are absolutely useless the moment the temperature goes below 50 degrees (but it’s a cute style though). We wear hooded sweatshirts paired with flip flops (how strange and unacceptable) and most laughably, we have “peep toe boots” made popular by the head honchess, Kim Kardashian. Sidenote: Only SoCalifornians can get away with peep toe boots in the “winter.”


But in Adaobi like fashion I don’t conform to the LA/OC winter staple of NorthFace fleeces, and Rainbow flip flops. I will do no such thing. My favorite season of the year is winter because of the versatility of layering and mixing unexpected textures together. So yes, I enjoy wearing stylish, elaborate outerwear to bundle me up for 60 degree nights. I recall a time when I wore my favorite houndstooth peacoat and my friends promptly took it upon themselves to roast me for being “extra.” And in all honesty, I was probably being extra. I still feel extra on this campus when it comes to fashion in general. I’m also probably living on the wrong side of the country. (New York 2018???????)




In turn, because of the experience of being personally flambéed by my wonderful circle of friends, there was a little bit of PTSD that came with buying this camel coat. However, the $10 price tag spoke volumes more. So I’m going to wear it as much as I can. California, let me be great please. Thanks.


Photos were taken by the lovely Ryan Jirapong.



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Mismatch It!

“Uh, you sure this matches?” my sister eyed my outfit suspiciously before we went out to snap some shots of it.

Instantly, I was propelled back to my 8 year old self–remembering the feeling I had when my 3rd grade classmates would ask the same question while examining my blue jeans and rainbow turtleneck disdainfully. (Mind you, now I know that such an outfit is a bit outlandish, even for me, but this anecdote goes to show you that fashion risks, no matter how terrible they may be, pave the way for one to eventually unearth their own signature style.)

Despite my slight hesitation to my sister’s comment, I promptly decided I didn’t care.



This turtleneck was taken straight out of my mother’s early 90s closet as you could probably tell. I immediately fell in love with the candy striped pattern of the top, knowing that this piece alone could make the most mundane looking outfit whimsical and somewhat eccentric. A common remark I hear from people is that they don’t know what looks good, or how to make their style more defined. My advice is this: Stop scrolling through the monochromatic, selfie ridden, #OOTD laden Instagram newsfeeds for one second, go to your closet, pick up one piece of clothing, and think of at least 5 ways you could creatively wear it.


The purple scarf was an added touch. An interesting touch, gifted to me by a good friend (Hi Rachel!)


That’s my secret. Funnily enough, when my mind is bombarded by a bunch of images of other people’s styles, I lose inspiration. It’s usually when I just take an extra five minutes in the morning to stare into the cluttered abyss that is my closet, that I finally figure out something. My motto has always been and always will be that I would rather look like a crazy fool, than a basic Betty. California has a million north face wearing, ugg boot kickin’, pumpkin spice latte holding folks out here. Who has the time? Let me add to the discourse of clothing choices, by giving you something to double take at–even if it’s a doubtful double take.



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I am so excited to share with you the photoshoot that I did with my two subjects Santino Lojero and Jei Raby. I’m so used to being in front of the camera, so when they asked me to get behind it–I jumped at the chance!

Styling was directed by Santino, the lovely Blasian with the aviator glasses, and combined with a bit of my creative direction/input, we were able capture their outfits + aesthetic to the fullest extent. Jei, despite not having much experience in the creative realm, was still able to bring a level of class and regality while shooting.



It’s retro. The color palette is slightly on the ’80s neon kitschy side, but only in the best way possible.




This is editorial material I’d use if I wrote a feature story on a native LA electro-pop/indie band.


My favorite part about photography + fashion is that you can capture culture visually. Fashion signifies cultural markers within  society and often exhibits moods through color combinations and textures. Good photography can convey those things timelessly. Looking at these photos evokes a nostalgic feeling within me. Does it do the same for you?


Pretty proud of this collaboration! If you’re ever down to collab drop a message!

Edited by: Adaobi Ugoagu



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