Your art will always look different in comparison to someone else’s even if it’s taken in direct inspiration of another’s creation. Your body shape, your hand stroke, and the lens in which you see the world will be uniquely different than anyone else’s strokes, shape, and perspectives. Your experience is uniquely yours.



Lets not forget that within the fashion blogging sphere! I see way too many flat lay Instagram pics and monochromatic outfit grids taking over this wonderful sector of fashion on social media. I’m over the commercialization of blogging. It’s sad to slowly watch my once favorite bloggers turn into replicas of other ones. The industry puts so much pressure to put out content that content becomes unoriginal. I refuse to fall prey. #imnotcommercialanymore




I named this post Zipper because I feel like my lip color pulls the whole outfit together. It gives it an interesting edge. Interpret my outfit, the makeup, and the lighting of these images as you will. There was no particular thought process in putting my ensemble together. My subconscious is sometimes drawn to certain pieces coming together depending on the music I’m listening to, the books I read, and the place that I am in. Draw inspiration from it–your interpretation of it will be uniquely yours. Build upon that.


Pale Pink Heels: Asos

Lip Color: Zipper from ColourPop



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