#OOTD: Serving A Look

Winter in California isn’t brutal compared to other states in the U.S. Of this, I am highly aware.

But being a born and bred Californian, when the temperature starts to flirt with the low 60s high 50s, you will catch me in a wool trench coat. Some say I’m being dramatic. I say I’m serving a look.

So speaking of serving one, I’m going to showcase my newest addition to my closet: my Zara square toed heel.



I have to admit, I was somewhat hesitant buying these because I know that square toed shoes are trending–and when it comes to trends, they don’t last long. I wanted to make sure that I would wear these bad boys to death. And fortunately, I have been. They’re are comfortable to trot around in, and give a nice touch of edge to any outfit that is looking a little blasé.

These particular ones are sold out (I made a good choice then!) However, these are the closest version to them.

Shout out to Modupe for quickly snapping these shots for me. IG: @mo_alabi

Follow me on Instagram. You know where to go by now (well at least you should).






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