I’m wearing my afro out. I don’t know it’s because the summertime makes me lazy, or if I’m just becoming prone to caring less about what the world thinks about me. Nonetheless, but I am wearing my natural fro out.

I woke up in the morning, dunked my head under a stream of water and let it dry. This was the result. Sure it’s not “styled” the way natural hair aficionados would recommend, but I was having a “who cares?” day when I got up that morning.  I looked at myself in the mirror and 100% appreciated what I saw. Don’t get it twisted, there is nothing wrong with styling, and taking care of your hair. But sometimes us black women can go overboard with the hair routine. We buy one too many products, we touch it every 2 minutes, we tug, we de-tangle, we just do too much. Sometimes we just need a day to walk outside and just BE. Funnily enough, I got quite a bit of compliments and a lot more stares…but I don’t know if it was admiration or confusion. Anyway, I have learned that I too, can wash n’ go. Well…for about a day then I have to get my hair back on a hot oil treatment.




PRO TIP: My White Choker is DIY’d and I’m pretty excited to share another tip for you choker lovin’ gals out there. Tired of spending $5 a pop on strips of fabric? Cut off the hem of an old shirt or pants and voila! You got yourself a new choker. I cut off the hem of an old white shirt to achieve this look.





Sandals: ASOS// Overalls: Santee Alley// Black Crop Top: Forever 21

Photographed By: Samantha Lopez

Edited By: Moi.

p.s. Someone suggested that I do a post dedicated to taking care of natural hair. I’m still new on this journey so any advice that I offer would be for newbies like me. Let me know in the comments: yea or nay.



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