Autumn in the Summer

As I was going through the photos from this shoot, I realized that a lot of my clothes reflected my favorite season (if you can call it that in California) of the year. Autumn. My clothes reside in the warm, brown, and orangey range that complements the typical colors of autumn leaves around that period. Never been a summer kind of girl, really.

The first look is inspired by the longstanding 70’s off the shoulder vibes that has inundating my Twitter and Instagram feed since last year. In the beginning I paid no attention, and then subconsciously my mind began to register that it was a look that I must emulate. Boom, this top ended up in my closet. No regrets.

Of course, I had to pair it with my signature high-waisted mom jeans. A quick note I wanted to make about mom jeans. As you’ve probably read in my the last post, I’m off of FF (fast fashion) permanently. But even prior to that decision, I absolutely refused to buy “mom jeans” from a FF retailer. Why? Because they’re not the real thing. Real “mom jeans” are made out of real denim.  Currently, jeans from FF stores are usually made of this stretchy jegging/polyester material that wears out in 2 years. By then, the color fades and the material starts to loosen (especially if you have skinny jeans). You’re lucky if you get a 3rd year out of them. There is a reason why the jeans from your mother’s closet has lasted 3 decades. Trust me on this–bite the bullet and thrift your jeans.






Mules: ASOS (I still own FF items so the transition will be slow)

The second look was built around this corduroy skirt I bought from Topshop way earlier in the year. I was wandering around the store and saw this sticking out of the sale section. It was love at first sight. Again, the skirt has an autumnal 70s vibe that my subconscious can’t seem to shake! Damn you, StyleWatch. It will be interesting to see how my style will evolve from here on out since I will no longer will a part of the massive hysteria surrounding seasonal trends.


4776 (1)b



Shoes: Zara // Corduroy Midi Skirt: Topshop

All the credit goes to Photographer, Karlo Morcilla who shot and edited all these photos. Check out his Instagram here!



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