Current Lipstick Collection 2016

Within the past 3 months I have found myself becoming more and more obsessed with lipstick. Which is a phase in my life for which I never really imagined occuring. Once upon a time, ya girl used to be very insecure about the size of my lips. But now that Kylie has since made it en vogue, I have learned that trendy or not, this is what God has blessed me with and I must try every color in the rainbow to properly accentuate them.

It all began one day when I decided to purchase my first liquid lipstick from Colourpop.

photo 4

Guess, LAX, Limbo

Ultra Matte Finish? Count me in! Highly pigmented colors? Yes, please!

While I am still in love with the company’s products, the only downside I found with the ultra matte lipsticks was that the formula really dried my lips out. By the 8th hour, I am basically picking off dead skin residue…so that was no good.

So I went on the hunt again for another matte lipstick but with more moisturizing qualities. I tried out Maybelline’s Color Sensational Creamy Mattes which were a little less than $6 at Target.

photo 3

‘Burgundy Blush’ is your typical cool brown, vampy color. I have one too many of these. However, the formula was creamier and much more satisfying to wear on the lips as opposed to other brands that are so creamy to the point of rubbing off even at the slightest change of temperature (cough, Revlon, cough). Curious, I bought the second color ‘Touch of Spice’ to experiment with a traditional nude color. Let me tell you something. If you are blessed with the size of my lips, colors can either turn out astonishing beautiful, or astonishingly horrible. ‘Touch of Spice’ without a proper lip liner looks like I’ve dipped my lips in a cotton candy machine (ew). So that’s my next venture–lip liners and how to properly use them.

Third time is the charm folks, because Milani changed my life.

photo 2

The fact that I could wear an almost neon purple on my lips and not resemble a psycho, campy character off of American Horror Story delighted me to no end! Oh how long have I wished to wear colors that weren’t so muted and dark! Milani answered that wish! The formula in the matte collection is the perfect balance between creamy, but also drying enough to stay put! I ate some breaded chicken with Matte Glam on, and for the most part, it stayed on almost as well as a ColourPop lipstick. These three are the most worn in my collection. Matte Confident is a true brick red, which is a nice break from the orangey-tinged Ruby Woo from MAC and Matte Fearless is also a true purple in every sense of the color, a nice alternative to ‘Guess’ by Colourpop which is a lot darker.

These are all colors I would readily recommend to anyone, especially us brown girls who know that lippies that suit us can be scarce at times. AND if you’re interested in the Milani collection BUT you’re on the fence about it, here you go:

Treat yoself.





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