Winter Lookbook: Spring Edition.

la river 3

Hai guize,

It’s been a while, I know. And I’ve missed posting and creating content for this space. But sometimes life just calls one to take an unintentional amount of time away from things, so one must go-eth, with the flow-eth. Anyway.

My friend McCall (the photographer of this shoot) and I tried to find the middle location of the LA River and we failed. That’s pretty apparent in the photos. We ended up finding the river, but only the tail end of it somewhere in Ladera Heights I believe. So after breezily walking through a fence opening that said, “Do Not Enter” we found this cozy little spot tucked right next to the end of the river. Also, for those who aren’t familiar with the LA river–there is no river. If you haven’t been on social media, watching the news, or keeping up with basic current events, California is in a severe drought so the name itself is…whats the word? Oxymoronic? Ironic? Both? Need to double check, but if you’re interested here’s an article about how Americans abuse the word “ironic” in the English language (don’t be that guy).

Alas, I digress.

These two outfits aren’t anything special really. They’re just outfits that I would find myself casually wearing on a day out on the town. I originally planned for a winter lookbook, but when California decided to be 86 degrees all week I had to quickly come up with Plan B.

Outfit #1 is something I’d wear to class or to do work in a cafe. Also I’m always using my bike to get around so I need my outfit to be optimal for all types of possible movements that might occur. There is nothing more irritating than feeling restricted in your own clothing. These thrifted mom jeans have basically been my second skin since I purchased them. As I get older, I’m finding that I’m slowly getting over the skinny jean style (I just need my legs to breathe). And of course, a velvet crop top complements dang near everything. I don’t care how many eras the fashion industry wants to go back (right now the runway is pretty reminiscent of the 60s) I am a 90s girl through and through.


la river 2

la river 5

Outfit #2 was a bit of an experiment. It’s a sparkly velvet dress (no surprise there) paired with an ethereal, light kimono. I wanted to see what an edgier and more relaxed piece looked like together, and might I say that I was pretty satisfied. I think that this look could definitely transform into a “night on the town” ensemble, if I switched my shoes for heeled booties or just some plain ol’ minimalist heels.

la river 6

la river

la river 7

la river 8


Outfit #1: Shoes: Zara. Rest of the Outfit: Thrifted

Outfit #2: Kimono: Ebay. Shoes: Zara. Thigh High Socks: Charlotte Russe. Velvet dress: Thrifted

Photo Credit: McCall Lanman. Check out her Instagram and Facebook.

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