The Car Selfie


Car selfies and the term #beatmyface. I used to think that women who did that were either insecure or extremely narcissistic. But my view, as you can see by this collage, has changed quite a bit. I have no idea why, but in this new season of my life, I have begun to really take a lot of time trying to learn how to do my makeup properly and take pride in the finished product. Makeup to women isn’t (majority of the time) to hide themselves or to take a million self absorbed selfies for recognition and attention– it’s just a form of art that they want to share and contribute to the beauty of the world. At least, in my perspective that is so! (Yes I said it! An art! Can you draw a perfect cat eye liner? That takes a steady hand and precision my friends!) It’s a fun thing to do and I am finding enjoyment in putting it on before I go out. It’s like rocking an alter ego. I used to be one of those “strictly” fashion gals, but I guess you can only ignore makeup for so long before you get sucked into the wonderful world of the cosmetics aisle at your local shopping center.


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