Creation not Curation.

NYFW was about two weeks ago and I was uninspired. I watched a couple of collections and just wasn’t moved or impressed. I feel like fashion has become reproduced. We’re seeing the same cuts/forms/styles on different designers and there were many times when I asked myself, “wait, where have I seen this from?” I found myself asking, what is it that I can bring to the table in this industry? Like fashion curator Sami Miro stated, “wear something that will stop you dead in your tracks”. And on that note, I have been on that hunt to find something that will stop me dead in my tracks. Meet Jadon! Ran into this kid one Sunday after church and I IMMEDIATELY knew this guy was not from California just by the way he dressed. When he said, “Brooklyn” I nodded knowingly, mentally noting that there would be a collaboration in order. I think one of the things that I’ve realized about black fashion in California is that…it doesn’t really exist. You don’t get the vibrant, fun, political, eclectic, style of those Brooklyn natives that attend Afropunk. It doesn’t have the same personality or social power. But that can change, and this post is somewhat of a response.






8 (1)






16 (1)





Another note: The fashion industry has a lot of revamping to do. With collections resembling blasts from the pasts, and the little diversity on the runways, all of it is getting old. Someone or something needs to re-emerge and take a risk with fashion as the early designers did. When did fashion stop making bold statements and start imitating it’s predecessors? Nothing wrong with learning from the greats, it’s just time to be greater than the greats. As for me? Still figuring out a way to be a part of that…more to come.

Also a big big thank you to Karlo Morcilla who pulled through with the photography and editing!




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