Simplicity && Modernism

Lazy summer time outfits include dresses. Why? Because there is no need for layering… or worse, putting on pants. I like to keep it simple. I was walking back to my house the other day in a pair of my black skinny jeans and realized how I am so over the skinny jean era. Yes, I will continue to own all the pairs I have just for the sake of the winter time, but I am finding myself journeying towards the dresses/ trousers section online or in retail chains. Also, as I mentioned 2 or 3 posts ago, I am working on building a closet capsule of clothing that I can build on. This dress is definitely going to be a part of it. I know at least 3 ways to wear it–and I was going to showcase 3 ways to dress a basic white tee  up or down, but the weather was so sweltering hot when I had this shoot, that the thought of making outfit changes sounded more tiring that usual. As much as I complained about my minimalism endeavors last time, I am finding it to be somewhat rewarding. It forces me to be more innovative when creating outfits. This all white outfit is something that I would casually wear on a day on the town and even to class. White reflects sunlight and keeps you cool–and I am all about staying chill during 90 degree weather.








Dress shirt: Forever 21/Shoes: Adidas Superstars/Sunnies: Quay Australia

P.S. I had an appointment to re-twist my hair in a few days so I decided to Amandla Stenberg my hair by chopping it off and playing around with the frayed ends. As most black women know, the first protocol to removing braids means, chopping the ends off for the ease of take down. By chopping it off, days before we rock a new style is almost pre-rocking a new style before the actual new style. Amandla has been quite the trend setter lately, and I’m curious to see how she  will continue to redefine black beauty on social media.




FOMO, Music Festivals, && Button Downs

-this is going to be a bit of a rant, make a cup of tea and get comfortable-

Around this time last year I was preparing to go to  San Francisco to attend the Outside Lands music festival. I was super excited because not only was it my first music festival, but I was going to see my all time favorite band, the Arctic Monkeys and many other cool artists (but I was mainly there for the Arctic Monkeys). Anyway,  upon stumbling on this short but interesting article, I realized I had something to add to this authors short blurb (now would be the time to read it before you carry on). People aren’t necessarily going only for the lineup.  I feel like thousands of young adults flock to these events in order to avoid FOMO as well. FOMO? What is FOMO? Fear Of Missing Out. Now you might say it’s a generalization but I think that generalizations always hold some grain of truth. Having had casual conversations with people or sometimes overhearing conversations, I hear about people dropping hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to attend Coachella just so they can get intoxicated, wear trendy clothing, and camp out in their car. Sometimes there is surface level interest in who the lineup is, and/or other times they flat out don’t know who is playing. But why spend $500+  then on a weekend filled with artists that you don’t even know/care about (or that you might not remember that clearly?) So that your Facebook profile picture and Instagram likes will sky rocket and you can grin secretly to yourself before you turn off your phone and go to bed at night. Don’t get mad at me–you know it’s true! LOL. Yes, I attended OL, for the sake of the Arctic Monkeys and only had a surface level understanding of the other artists on the lineup (except for The Kooks, Flume && Tegan & Sara), but you don’t understand. I will travel ACROSS THE UNIVERSE to go and see Alex Turner. I didn’t even think twice when I saw that they were playing in Vegas for the Life is Beautiful Festival last year. I just left. I didn’t care how much it cost. And to be honest, unless another band really captures my heart like that again, I don’t know how likely I am to drop that kind of money. I would argue that a lot of people aren’t necessarily die-hards. I’m kinda convinced there are more luke-warms attending music festivals– just because it’s not really about the music at the end of the day. It’s about feeling like you’re a part of something–something you can claim and hold on to for a little while–just so you can go back and add that to you highlight reel for you and others to marvel at. This is my mini anthropological analysis for the day.

Here is an outfit that I would wear if I was on my way to OL this year. It’s  super casual but the color palette of my button down shirt gives the illusion that I somehow tried really hard to style this ensemble. I also acknowledge that not a lot of people would wear a button down this loud. But I am who I am. Paired with my docs and denim shorts, I am (theoretically) set for a full day of food, dancing, and crowd pushing.

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