You just got to DIY.

If anyone has followed my blog since the beginning, you’re going to recognize this top I’m wearing. It used to be a dress–but one late night I got scissor happy and went to town on it, turning it into a crop top. It worked out pretty well, mainly because the midsection that cinches in the waist had an elastic band inside.

At this point, I am experiementing with my looks because I feel my style starting to refine itself again. I realize that I am a 20 something year old in LA, and have started the process of hardcore adulting so I can’t rely on trends for the rest of my life (not that I was before), but essentially I am trying to dress into the adult that I am becoming. That means choosing items that are more of an investment, and I can wear for a very long time. Style refinement is a journey and I’m glad that I have a digital album to look through.

tropical 2

tropical 7

tropical 6

tropical 3

tropical 4

tropical 1



Everything is thrifted except for my shoes: Urban OG && Harem Pants: Cotton On.




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