Girl Gondolier

My friend Mo noted that she was getting some European vibes from my outfit when I showed up to visit her the day we snapped these photos. I hadn’t really thought about it, but later on when I was going through the photo reel, I realized that I had inadvertently channeled my inner Venetian Gondoliers (you know, those guys that row those “love” boats through Venice?) With a twist of course. I urban-ed it up with my Adidas and funky flannel shorts that I thrifted a while ago. This is the type of outfit that I would easily find myself wearing at a concert outdoor or indoor. Been trying to master the art of being comfortable without looking lazy this summer–especially with footwear.  Yes, I was the person that would wear platforms to a concert and wish halfway through that someone would chop my legs off. (Note: platforms are normally very comfortable for me–if I am walking and am out and about. It is not good when you are standing in place for more than an hour, but I’m sure you already knew that).






_MG_7012Crop top: Cotton On/ Plaid Shorts: Thrifted/ Sneakers: Adidas Superstars/ Hat: Target





I’m No Clone.

Here’s the deal. I love clothing. But I move once a year. So that means every year the amount of clothing somehow still increases as my frequency of moving continues to remain steady. It seems like no matter how many times I make the trek to Goodwill to donate, I still manage to negate my donation by adding in whatever I gave away. Something that I’ve been researching lately is minimalism–in terms of having a capsule closet of basic clothing that I can go and will easily style with anything I put on. It’s less strain on the wallet and less of a hassle to pack. The problem? My style is not that simple. I’m eclectic. I like bold prints and patterns. Funky cuts and styles. I have yet to find a fashionista that manages to keep her unique style without morphing into a white tee and black culottes clone. (That is basically Instagram right now). Anyway, I ordered a pair of sneakers because I only own boots and platforms (which is slightly ridiculous) and sometimes you just can’t be bothered to wear boots or heels on these hot sweltering days. Ask anyone, I’ve been wearing these shoes everyday since I got them. I now understand the hype. The white socks are meant to elongate the white coming off the shoes in order to give the illusion of my legs being elongated (as if they’re not already long enough, says the 5’9′ girl who only wears platforms).

_MG_6948 edited

_MG_6958 edited


_MG_6965 edited

_MG_6966 edited



Shades: Quay Australia

Sneakers: Adidas Superstars

Shirtdress: Thrifted


Also thank you to all who read my last post and replied and messaged. It got more views than my average fashion post! Excited to see what else God will do through this blog.


Heart to Heart

This post was brewing for a year. I started to type it out and then I stopped numerous times. Rationalized that I have other ways to express my faith. People that know me personally, already know that I am a strong believer. That I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I don’t need to be one of those social media tooters that express my “faith” online. If you talk to me, or ask me personally what I do or what I believe in–then I can tell you. That was my rationale. An explanation I fed myself many many times, only to be followed by a nudging gentle voice telling me that, that isn’t valid.

So here it is. And the reason why suddenly on a Saturday night–mid my own personal bible study, I stopped to type this out. I was in John 12, the chapter where Jesus was on his way to being crucified  and was speaking to the crowds that had gathered around him as He entered Jerusalem. He was talking about how He was to die. He had performed many miracles at this point and the crowd was divided on how they felt about Him. Some didn’t believe He was the Son of God, point blank. But there was a population that did, and this is what the scripture said about a certain group of them.

“Yet at the same time, many even among the leaders believed in Him. But because of the Pharisees, they would not openly acknowledge their faith for fear they would be put out of the synagogue; for they loved human praise more than praise from God.” John 12:42-43


You know when you’re scrolling through Tumblr and you stop on a quote that just encapsulates your current situation all too well? Well, these verses were basically a Tumblr moment. Somehow, down the line I had gotten comfortable and started to really care about what image I presented to people. And of course I would feel that way. I’m a fashion blogger. Image is the crux of what I do. But I let the love of keeping my perfect image creep into my heart, diverting the original reason why I started this blog. It was to not only showcase my passion for fashion and styling, a gift given to me by God, but it was also to also outwardly glorify Him for the HUGE transformation He has made in my life. Four years ago, when a camera was pulled out, I would be the first one to run down the hall, for fear of being captured. I didn’t like the way I looked. I hated it. I was extremely insecure.

But God took me, as a caterpillar and turned me into a butterfly. I am posting photos today because He has given me courage. He has given me vision, passion, and so much more. Yet, I am shirking my most basic, fundamental duty as His daughter. To share my joy about Him to others–especially on this platform where many of you all peruse.

So here I am. I give God the glory. He is the reason why this blog started. On December 2013, a voice planted the seed of this blog in my head and look at where I am now.

Strangely, doing ministry and campus evangelizing/worship was easier than this. But I am determined to no longer have this part of my life be a “secret” or a special topic reserved for in person conversations. I am a follower of Jesus through and through, and my identity lies in Him before any piece of fabric. So tomorrow, even if my blog tanks, and I have no more money to buy clothes, I can still joyfully stride down the street knowing that those things don’t foundationally make me, me. I have something much more concrete than that.

So I’m sharing this now. And I share this in the hopes that it can/will spark conversation…curiosity even? In the hopes that people that don’t know me on a personal level, can see a little bit more of who I am, besides the manicured pictures. And most importantly, hopefully desire to share in the same joy that I have now.

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged and affirmed me throughout this year regarding my blog, passions, pursuits, and faith. More to come.



You just got to DIY.

If anyone has followed my blog since the beginning, you’re going to recognize this top I’m wearing. It used to be a dress–but one late night I got scissor happy and went to town on it, turning it into a crop top. It worked out pretty well, mainly because the midsection that cinches in the waist had an elastic band inside.

At this point, I am experiementing with my looks because I feel my style starting to refine itself again. I realize that I am a 20 something year old in LA, and have started the process of hardcore adulting so I can’t rely on trends for the rest of my life (not that I was before), but essentially I am trying to dress into the adult that I am becoming. That means choosing items that are more of an investment, and I can wear for a very long time. Style refinement is a journey and I’m glad that I have a digital album to look through.

tropical 2

tropical 7

tropical 6

tropical 3

tropical 4

tropical 1



Everything is thrifted except for my shoes: Urban OG && Harem Pants: Cotton On.



Take Note.

edited 1







If I’m in a rush or am too lazy to style at 8am, I rely on my high waisted denim jeans and build around that. Paired with my white crop top and white sandals, it levels out and balances this outfit giving the illusion of me trying extremely hard to be put together when it literally took two seconds. And of course, I had to add a touch of grunge to the mix because I am forever a 90s baby. This is an outfit that I would wear on a casual day out, to class, and even the beach! The flannel shirt is perfect as a lightweight cover up when the night gets a bit breezy.

I also decided that I would share some of the music I’ve been listening to non-stop in the past month. It has heavily inspired some of the style choices I’ve been making–thinking about breaking out my burgundy docs again (been a while). Message or comment below if you have any recommendations for new bands to listen to. Constantly on the search.

Phoenix: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

The Kooks: Listen

Klaxons: Myth of the Near Future

Kendrick Lamar: To Pimp A Butterfly

Two Door Cinema Club: Tourist History