Remember that opening scene in Jurassic Park when Laura Dern aka (Dr. Ellie Sattler) was wearing a denim top with denim jeans? No? Well I do. And I couldn’t get that outfit out of my mind. While the denim on denim look is something that is making somewhat of a return in 2015, I don’t think the modern version of that early 90s style looks nearly as elegant as what it used to be. I loved the hourglass silhouette that high waisted jeans paired with a denim shirt gave a woman, so that it didn’t look like she was drowning in a sea of denim material.  If anyone knows me, they know that my aesthetic leans towards the 90s era and immediately upon seeing Dern’s outfit I was inspired to try it out on my own with a little twist.

Pairing denim together can be very tricky because you risk looking like farmer John if you don’t match the right cut, or the right wash of denim. So my advice to you is that if you want to try out this look, start off with two pieces that have different color washes and try pairing them together. Another trick is to go for a more form fitting denim top, paired with hip hugging jeans that taper into your leg. Fashion is experimentation and risks. And you won’t know what works for you until you try!

Because the denim material was dominating my outfit, I didn’t want my face to fade out in the photos so I put on Mac’s ruby woo to balance out my color palette.

Like I said earlier, I would put my own twist onto this Western look by edging it up a bit. I put on my fur cardigan and black fedora, turning this day look into a night in the city look.

red lip 014

red lip 046

red lip 068





red lip 032

red lip 030

red lip 023

red lip 075

red lip 085



red lip 050

Until next time!!




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