Warby Parker’s Half Decade Collection


To be honest, about 80 percent of the time I have glasses on. Contacts are a luxury that I use for those days when I want to throw shades on or when I have a particular outfit in mind. Other than that, I usually feel most comfortable with some frames settled on the bridge of my nose. But often, my problem is that the frames that are the most trendy and fitting for my face end up being way over budget for me–leaving me with less options. So when I first heard of Warby Parker a year ago, I was extremely excited.

I was even more excited when someone from the communication team reached out me, wanting me to promote their brand and talk about their new Half-Decade Collection. They just had their smallest (biggest) parade celebrating the 5 years that they have been in business, and they’re kicking off the celebration by releasing their new limited collection of glasses. Although I’m not modeling their new Half Decade Collection, I would urge you to go and check it out!

What I ended up doing was taking advantage of Warby Parker’s Home Try On program where you can order 5 frames off their website and have it shipped to you for free in order for you to try on some glasses to see the best fit. From there you can buy the frames of your liking. If not, send it back for free again. Literally, I had nothing to lose so I went ahead and got a couple of frames that caught my eye.  I will include all the information for the ones modeled
as well below along with the outfit details.

First frames that I modeled were Burke Tennessee Whiskey

IMG_9428 IMG_9433 IMG_9429 IMG_9440

Second frames: Baxter Striped Sassafras

IMG_9483 IMG_9454 IMG_9494

Hat: Target

Dress: Thrifted

Boots: Boohoo.com

Earrings: Gift

It’s also worth mentioning that Warby Parker is one of the few companies that actually believe in everyone’s “right to see.”  For every frame bought, they donate a frame to someone in need. Not everyone has the luxury of buying eye glasses frames when they need it, so kudos to this brand that is dedicated to style and social justice!




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