White After Labor Day

Don’t wear white after labor day they said.

I’ll do what I want, I said.

So where did this custom come from? After doing a quick Google search, I found that the custom of not wearing white after labor day dates all the way back to the 1930s. Wearing white was not only a customary color to go to during the summer months (because of the fact that it was lighter and cooler in material), but it also marked a sign of wealth. Those that had money to go on vacations and various excursions sported white, especially during the summer months. Labor Day marked the end of all summer fun and recreational activities and was a transitioning period of going back to work. Adhering to the no-white rule was more than just a fashion statement, it was proper etiquette.

Fast forward to Labor Day 2014 where I was feeling a bit cheeky. Fashion has known to break many rules when it comes to clothing, style and models (Cara love).  While many already don’t pay attention to the no-white after Labor Day rule, I wanted to officially demolish the rule with this blog post.

This is probably one of my favorite posts ever because I got to collaborate with fashionista and style extraordinaire, Bobo Matjila. I figured that a collaboration was in order not only because our styles were bold enough, but they were distinct enough for one to take a look through the photos and see that our inspiration for clothing comes from different places. As more and more time passes, my wardrobe has begun to reflect the 90s grunge era with a bit of a reformed edgy twist. Bobo, a native of South Africa, takes any outfit and turns it into an Afrocentric masterpiece through jewelry and natural hair. Both of us thought it’d be in order to also sport a red lip, a beautiful contrast against white. Despite the fact that it was sweltering hot and walking through LA with monster high heels is painful (beauty is pain), I am incredibly inspired and happy to have done this. More to come dahhling, more to come!


p.s. I will post all clothing references at the end of this photo reel.

likey (3) edited

likey (4)













likey (18)





likey (16) edited

likey (17)

likey (10)




Post/Pre-Production Photos 🙂



Numero Uno (2)


likey (7)

 Adaobi: Paris top: Rainbow/White shorts: thrifted/Choker: ebay/Chunky platform boots: H&M/ Lipstick: M.A.C.-Ruby Woo

Bobo: Crop Top: H&M/Monochrome Pants: H&M/Chunky White heels: La Moda

Special thanks to Shiku Wangombe who dedicated her time and her life (no seriously she almost got hit by a train while shooting us) to this photoshoot. The angles were all her and the editing was all her. I seriously am so happy to have such a talented bunch around me. Check out her work on her instagram–she draws and paints as well!

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