Outside Lands Diaries.

Yes. I know I haven’t updated my blog in a while. But in all honesty, I realized halfway through that blogging and constantly taking photos in every moment of my every day life is something that I’m simply not accustomed to. I had an interview with a fashion blogger the other day and I explained to her that I have a hard time being in the moment when I stop to take a selfie or snap a shot of my food. She explained to me that she had the opposite issue and it was one of the many side effects of being a millennial (so do I not qualify as a millennial?) Anyway, so I decided about 3 weeks ago as I was browsing through Instagram that I would dedicate my 3 day weekend in San Francisco to shameless and ruthless social media updating (well, shameless and ruthless enough for me). And that I did! So here are some outfits and photos of cool things that I did over the weekend at Outside Lands music festival.

Thursday, Day 0

Took the Bolt bus all the way up to Palo Alto and stayed the weekend with a friend. Ate awesome Mediterranean food at this restaurant called Oren’s Hummus Shop in downtown Palo Alto. Muy delicioso!  Afterwards, we went to the Tin Pot which is an ice cream shop. I also got to meet Cream, my friends cute poodle.

20140807_112624    20140807_144643

20140807_181634    20140807_181938

OL1 008  OL1 017

OL1 028    OL2 011

Friday, Day 1 : A Different World

Friday was reminiscent of SoCal weather so I decided to go for high waisted shorts (with tights underneath just to be safe). I bought the floral crop top at this store called Rainbow. I was walking down Broadway on random day and stopped at the sale sign in front of the store. Since then, I’ve been going back loyally. The shorts are thrifted and I debuted my docs again. The got the triangle necklace from F21 and the timepiece from Ebay a long time ago. This outfit is something that reminds me of the show A Different World. I feel like I was born into the wrong decade at times.

OL2 015

OL2 026

OL2 035

OL2 048

OL2 071

OL 3 019

OL 3 027

OL 3 031


OL 3 051

OL 3 059

Saturday, Day 2: Heroin Chic

No, I don’t do drugs, but that was coined term of the 90s when Kate Moss was first discovered. The dark grungy look is something that I have always been intrigued with and what better way to experiment with it than at a music festival. This was the second  day at OL and let me tell you it was COLD. I experienced true winter in the summer. I decided to layer with a flannel shirt and a jeans jacket to keep myself warm.  90s fashion has really been inspiring me as of late and I decided to go for a grungy look. The high neck crop top was from Rainbow and the plaid shirt under was thrifted. For my rings, I snatched them off the rack from F21.

OL 3 day 2 014

OL 3 day 2 018

OL 3 day 2 022

Unfortunately, I only got to see the last 10 minutes of The Kooks (was super bummed). So I was really far and my camera couldn’t focus well enough to get a clear photo. As we speak I am redeeming this tragedy by buying a ticket to their show next month.

OL 3 day 2 005

So I posted this photo of my garlic pastrami fries on my Tumblr and it got an insane amount of notes (well, like 30). People have a thing for garlic pastrami fries apparently.

. OL 3 day 2 009

OL 3 day 2 027

OL 3 day 2 008

OL 3 day 2 028

OL 3 day 2 036

Macklemore was coo. The crowd was definitely feelin’ him but I thought his show was lil’ extra….

OL 3 day 2 056

OL 3 day 2 052

OL 3 day 2 043

OL 3 day 2 055

OL 3 day 2 067


Impromptu photo in wine lands

Sunday, Day 3: City Style 

This was a typical outfit for most young and hip San Franciscans and by the 3rd day of the festival, I felt like blending in (plus I felt a lil lazy that morning). Also, I knew that the ride home was going to be long so I opted for a comfy outfit. A printed button up, and high waisted jeans. The shirt was thrifted and my acid wash jeans were found in the fashion district in LA.

OL 4 002

OL 4 025

OL 4 033

This is the best damn cheeseburger. No really, it was called The Best Damn Cheeseburger.

OL 4 039

OL 4 041

sitting and waiting for the killers….

Sunday night ended with The Killers and let me tell you, it was packed. Approx. 100,000 people showed up to Outside Lands and nobody was interested in seeing Tiesto (who was playing in the same time slot). Everybody obviously went to go see The Killers play and it was nearly impossible to actually get up close. People were waiting in the crowd for 3 hours straight for the finale. I kind of gave up trying to get a clear shot of him and opted for a picture of him on the screens. Wish I had fought a little bit harder for the photos though.

OL 4 049

Hope ya’ll enjoyed! -Fin-


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2 thoughts on “Outside Lands Diaries.

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi! This is Andrea, from Oxy! I’m always a sucker for fashion blogs! I really like how your nails matched the blue in your hair! I also was wondering if you’ve been to Crossroads in Pasadena (Old Town)- It’s been my new favorite discovery and I some how always manage to find a new dress under $10. 🙂

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