A little Chit Chat && May Faves

Hey All!

Been a while since I’ve posted casually and since there has been so much that has happened  in the past month I thought I would catch up a bit.

May is the dreaded month for most students at USC and yes, school ends, summer begins, and graduation is a cause for celebration, but overall, May is when finals period and moving out collide. So you’re stressed about studying for a final while calling the storage company to move your things out in a timely manner. I have no idea why the school has it set up that way but it’s stressful. This year I decided to stay back in LA for the summer so not only did I have to move out of my temporary campus housing, but I had to move in to my summer housing (3 hours of hard labor by myself! I’m proud). I’ve pretty much promised myself that once I graduate, I’m going to rest from this nomadic life for at least 3-5 years (semi-permanent housing ftw!)

Other than that, I have been pretty well and have been eyeing alot of the spring into summer trends that have been appearing. Despite the fact that Rihanna is the opposite of everything I believe in, I got to hand it to the girl, she is responsible for some trends that I personally have been sporting myself and I have been peeping in and out of magazines just to get inspiration and ideas for what I will be wearing to Outside Lands come August (happy dance).  So with that being said, let me just share some of my May favorites.

1. The Fedora


If you follow me on Instagram and Tumblr, you will see that  fedora being rocked shamelessly. I never actually have been a hat girl, but 2014 has changed me. I first got into wearing beanies earlier this year when it was colder and now I’m appreciating fedoras. I bought it originally because they were a cute accessory to add onto any outfit, but realized later on that it’s a life saver because I was having consecutive bad hair days in the month of May.


2. Holographic Chunky Heels


So I was eyeing these holographic boots since early April, but unfortunately my paycheck had to be allocated to more pressing needs. Checked back a couple weeks ago and saw that it was still there and didn’t think twice about buying them (they’re still in transit btw). They are a gorgeous pair that I think is daring and loud enough to unsimplify any simple outfit that I put on. And to be honest, I need that this summer, especially since most of my clothing is in storage (to maximize space) and I don’t have the option to be as creative as I want with my outfits. With the basic peices that I have, such as high waisted black jeans and a tee, put these babies on and suddenly it looks like I tried.


3. Chunky Black Heels

Q 082

Heels made it twice on this list. I realized something this season as well. I’m not about that flat shoe life anymore. I know everyone loves their flats and I see how functional they are, but I hate them on me. I feel like I have duck feet in them.  Chunky heels is the happy medium between real heels and flat shoes. I get height and elongation on my legs, but I am also not screaming bloody murder because of the 6”.  These black ones that I debuted in my last post have been carrying me through all the graduations and all the night’s out on the town.


4. Spotify Premium for Students


Spotify premium has been giving me LIFE. If you are a student, go and download spotify premium NOW on your phone and pay $5 a month to listen to all the songs you want. I’m not kidding. iTunes should be out of a job pretty soon because this is a ridiculous opportunity. I’m not usually a person that pays for services such as this too, so this should tell you a lot. Anywhere I go, riding my bike, walking, riding the train, spotify is always running on my phone and what’s more is that with premium you can listen offline–meaning you don’t need wifi to listen to your music. HEAVEN.


5. E.L.F. Concealer

temp 001

While I’m not much of a makeup guru, I have been open to trying out new products to test to see if I need it or if it works with my skin. For the most part, I am a staple eyeliner, mascara, and blush wearer. Occasionally, lipstick and bronzer. However, as I was passing through Target I saw that E.LF. had a concealer that was in my skin range. On a whim, I bought it and decided to give it a go. So far, I like it. While I don’t really need concealer, I find that if I put it under my eyes and blend it out it gives me a nice highlight. I loved the way it looked in my brother’s graduation photos and so I’ll be keeping it for other nice occassions. (f.y.i. I got the concealer in a medium)


New post coming out this week so stay tuned!



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