Coral Floral.

I really was hoping for REAL spring/summer weather but all I got was cold wind and gloomy skies. So in between each shot, I reverted back to hugging my arms and shivering. Actually, this photo shoot reminded me of an episode on America’s Next Top Model when the models had to pose in an ice water pool. In between each shot, they shivered uncontrollably. I remember one girl being sent to the hospital because she got hypothermia. Oh, the things we do for fashion.

Q 054

My RA was selling a lot of her stuff out of her closet and when she offered her floral snapback, I snatched that so quick. It was like looking at piece of clothing and seeing so many potential ways to wear it. I thought that it’d be a wonderful piece to add to any springy/summer ensemble.

Q 056

Q 060

So where did you get the coral skirt Adaobi? So I stumbled on this diamond in the rough a year ago and ended up browsing through the website. Everything is $10 or less. When I found this skirt, I bought it to try and give the site a chance. A year and a half later, it’s still a staple in my closet. The material doesn’t feel cheap and it hasn’t fallen apart. Of course you’re not going to want to buy certain things off that site–like shoes.

Q 065


Q 067

Q 071

Lace up booties: I actually am going to review this store soon. It’s heavenly.

Q 082


Floral Hat: my RA

Striped crop top: F21

Coral Skirt: 10dollarmall

Shawl: My mom’s closet. (and it did nothing to keep me warm. It was mainly for show)

Shout out to Shiku for being an awesome photographer! I have such skilled friends man.



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