Concert Outfit: Tokyo Police Club!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a Tokyo Police Club concert at the Echoplex!

Because I am a reporter for my school news publication, I was able to get two free tickets. I brought a friend with me so that she could take photos. Because Echo Park is known to be a hip young sub-city of Los Angeles, I saw fit to stay urban, yet chic.



Cardigan: Target/Cut-out boots: UrbanOG/ Floral (DIY) shorts: Urban Outfitters

b4 (2)


Below is my beautiful partner in crime for the night, Akeallah! She was super excited to come to the concert with me and because this event typically wasn’t her scene, she suggested that I style her for the night. I was more than happy to. I definitely was feeling the boho vibe from her.



These are some photos of the line and the concert. It was a really great show! David Monks (leadman) is a very entertaining guy. You could tell that he’s not much of a talker, but he definitely is someone who is dedicated to his musicality. Love it!






The second act before TPC



Cool mural right outside Echoplex


These are the pregame photos to Outside Lands in August. Have I already talked about how excited I am? Yes? Ok.

Here’s the link to my story:



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