Coral Floral.

I really was hoping for REAL spring/summer weather but all I got was cold wind and gloomy skies. So in between each shot, I reverted back to hugging my arms and shivering. Actually, this photo shoot reminded me of an episode on America’s Next Top Model when the models had to pose in an ice water pool. In between each shot, they shivered uncontrollably. I remember one girl being sent to the hospital because she got hypothermia. Oh, the things we do for fashion.

Q 054

My RA was selling a lot of her stuff out of her closet and when she offered her floral snapback, I snatched that so quick. It was like looking at piece of clothing and seeing so many potential ways to wear it. I thought that it’d be a wonderful piece to add to any springy/summer ensemble.

Q 056

Q 060

So where did you get the coral skirt Adaobi? So I stumbled on this diamond in the rough a year ago and ended up browsing through the website. Everything is $10 or less. When I found this skirt, I bought it to try and give the site a chance. A year and a half later, it’s still a staple in my closet. The material doesn’t feel cheap and it hasn’t fallen apart. Of course you’re not going to want to buy certain things off that site–like shoes.

Q 065


Q 067

Q 071

Lace up booties: I actually am going to review this store soon. It’s heavenly.

Q 082


Floral Hat: my RA

Striped crop top: F21

Coral Skirt: 10dollarmall

Shawl: My mom’s closet. (and it did nothing to keep me warm. It was mainly for show)

Shout out to Shiku for being an awesome photographer! I have such skilled friends man.



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OOTN: Velvet

I think I mentioned in a previous post how much I loved velvet (especially wine colored velvet). It’s such a sultry feel and touch to any outfit, whether it’s a dress, leggings, or in this case, a turtleneck. That evening, I was readying myself to go out to dinner with a couple of friends and since LA weather decided to dip back into the 60s again, I told myself, “Why the hell not?”

So here we go.

Q 017


Velvet Turtleneck: Thrifted

Floral skirt: Thrifted

Skinny Belt: Target

Necklace: Forever21

Q 024

It’s a pretty simple outfit, I think what makes it interesting is the play on textures and patterns. So you have velvet matched together with a classic floral skirt. Of course, I had to wear my cut-out boots. I’m pretty sure I’m going to wear them out to the point where I’d have to buy another pair. They just go with everything.

Q 027

Q 029

Below: Leather studded jacket. Again, play on textures. I just really enjoy the way a feminine look can be toughened up.

Q 031

Q 035Special thanks to all my friends who generously give up their time to help me take photos of myself. LOL, but until I have the dough to hire my own personal photographer, ya’ll going to be doing that charity work. <33 We had to walk around for a bit until we found the perfect location, then I had to awkwardly pretend that I didn’t care that cars were driving by me wondering what the heck is this girl doing. Oh the things I do for this blog.



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Concert Outfit: Tokyo Police Club!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a Tokyo Police Club concert at the Echoplex!

Because I am a reporter for my school news publication, I was able to get two free tickets. I brought a friend with me so that she could take photos. Because Echo Park is known to be a hip young sub-city of Los Angeles, I saw fit to stay urban, yet chic.



Cardigan: Target/Cut-out boots: UrbanOG/ Floral (DIY) shorts: Urban Outfitters

b4 (2)


Below is my beautiful partner in crime for the night, Akeallah! She was super excited to come to the concert with me and because this event typically wasn’t her scene, she suggested that I style her for the night. I was more than happy to. I definitely was feeling the boho vibe from her.



These are some photos of the line and the concert. It was a really great show! David Monks (leadman) is a very entertaining guy. You could tell that he’s not much of a talker, but he definitely is someone who is dedicated to his musicality. Love it!






The second act before TPC



Cool mural right outside Echoplex


These are the pregame photos to Outside Lands in August. Have I already talked about how excited I am? Yes? Ok.

Here’s the link to my story:¬†



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