Diane Von Furstenberg!

Hello Lovely People!

Happy Saturday! With one week left of school I have been cracking down hard to finish all the tests and papers I have to turn in. I seriously can’t wait for the summer because I have so many ideas that I want to carry out for this blog! Plus, I will be attending my first music festival and am thinking of doing a 3 day vlog. (Trying new things ftw)

Either way, I had the pleasure of visiting the Diane Von Furstenberg Wrap Dress Exhibit two weekends ago. So of course I took some photos of myself so you guys can see my outfit along with the exhibit! It was gorgeous. Hope you all like it!

fashion 023

fashion 025

fashion 026


fashion 027

fashion 046 fashion 045

fashion 037


It was a Friday that my friend and I decided to go and I was feeling a lil bit lazy, so I went for the simple t-shirt and jeans looks. But to make sure that I was still expressing my personality through the t-shirt and jeans template I added some edgier peices such as my studded leather jacket, black beanie, and of course black cut-out boots (squeal! My babies!)


fashion 041

fashion 022

the photo of my shoes came out clearer when I took them at home. That’s why the background is different.

fashion 069

I agree with this caption. 90s fashion is making a comback here in 2014. Who knows what will be back. 80s fashioned legwarmers?

fashion 048

This was a re-issued dress from the 70s where DVF, added a new twist to the original bubble design.

fashion 058

fashion 074





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