Spring Favess!!! and an Update

Currently, I’m having a bit of an issue uploading stuff onto my blog so I apologize for the delay on me posting my outfits. But I wanted to talk about some of the things that I’m loving this spring along with essentials to have while the weather gets warmer.

Maybe it’s a trend, maybe it’s the season I’m stepping into, but I’m really feeling like this summer is going to be a mixture of bright pieces (as is every summer) paired along with rougher, darker, punk rock pieces. The contrast between a floral skirt and a studded leather jacket is quite amazing and I’ve started to embrace that look for this spring.

Velvet wine skirt/turtleneck crop top. Velvet galore. It’s such a sultry look and touch to any summer evening out.

Leather Jacket. The more studs the better.

35518-burberry120140412_150925 (1)

Laceup boots/Cut out Boots

More photos 010

the beanie


Cat Eye Glasses/John Lennons



ADDITIONAL NOTE: I realized that with the level of busyness and the type of quality work that I want to put out on my blog, churning out posts 4 times a week is a hard thing for me to do. I realize now that this blogging business is somewhat of a full-time job and I’m learning how to balance it all out. Bear with me! I will continue to post regularly on this site, but it’ll be more of my edited photos…

Meanwhile, I’ll be continuing to update my Twitter and Tumblr regularly! So Follow me there! 🙂




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