Primark is Coming….to America??

I’m five days late, but ladies and gentlemen. The beloved European brand is coming to America.



The only problem? They are making their first stop in Boston. Boo :/

Obviously, it would’ve made sense for them to stop in LA. I believe their styles fit the LA vibe more but maybe that’s just my jealousy talking. I seriously need more options than just H&M, F21 and occasionally Zara. If they don’t make the move fast enough to the west coast, I’ll just pack my bags and make a trip just to Boston for a shopping spree.

Here is the article. Happy Tuesday! 🙂



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PMM: Style Bloggers

Happy Monday!

Feelin’ particularly optimistic about this Monday–perhaps because there are 4 more days until SPRING BREAK. Thank you God! I found this really cool link on BuzzFeed talking about 18 Body positive blogs that should be followed. I think these bloggers are one of a kind.

Peruse the pages!

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Diane Von Furstenberg!

Hello Lovely People!

Happy Saturday! With one week left of school I have been cracking down hard to finish all the tests and papers I have to turn in. I seriously can’t wait for the summer because I have so many ideas that I want to carry out for this blog! Plus, I will be attending my first music festival and am thinking of doing a 3 day vlog. (Trying new things ftw)

Either way, I had the pleasure of visiting the Diane Von Furstenberg Wrap Dress Exhibit two weekends ago. So of course I took some photos of myself so you guys can see my outfit along with the exhibit! It was gorgeous. Hope you all like it!

fashion 023

fashion 025

fashion 026


fashion 027

fashion 046 fashion 045

fashion 037


It was a Friday that my friend and I decided to go and I was feeling a lil bit lazy, so I went for the simple t-shirt and jeans looks. But to make sure that I was still expressing my personality through the t-shirt and jeans template I added some edgier peices such as my studded leather jacket, black beanie, and of course black cut-out boots (squeal! My babies!)


fashion 041

fashion 022

the photo of my shoes came out clearer when I took them at home. That’s why the background is different.

fashion 069

I agree with this caption. 90s fashion is making a comback here in 2014. Who knows what will be back. 80s fashioned legwarmers?

fashion 048

This was a re-issued dress from the 70s where DVF, added a new twist to the original bubble design.

fashion 058

fashion 074





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LookBook #1 March-April

I’ve been on a hiatus mainly because I’ve been unsatisfied with the idea of putting out non-quality work on this blog. If I’m going to be a student also working this fashion blog, then I need to be more intentional about what I put out there and make sure that my work isn’t sloppy. For the past month, I’ve been taking photos of my everyday outfits.  Whether it’s taken in my apartment or outside, I have been working with what I have. I plan to work a ton this summer to actually begin investing in good equipment for photos and maybe even start a Youtube Channel. Who knows? I’m taking it day by day.

take 3 022

take 3 027

These are from the month of March. I got back from Spring Break and was extremely inspired by beauty blogger SoothingSista (her and I are rocking the blue hair right now) from Instagram and Youtube. I began to experiment with the color black. To top it off this ensemble, I put on some John Lennons (rounded glasses) to make the look more artsy/mysterious. She’s seriously been one of my muses. Seriously, check her out.

More photos 016

More black….

xx 021

More photos 012

zzz 002

Transitioned off of black at the end of March beginning April, and tried adding more color without overdoing it on the girly florals. I like to transition, not jump.  These photos were taken on days that I didn’t feel like trying too hard  while going to class while still remaining in style. I love how boho/street style is a look that gives the illusion of not caring, yet a lot of care is put into it.

More photos 023

More photos 032

This is when I went to Chinatown on a random Monday and this area was the only place that actually was worth taking photos of. The Chinatown in SF is waaaaaaaaay more popping. In the photo to the right, if you can look closely, I manged to capture a hummingbird. That thing was whizzing up and down and it was a miracle that I got it on camera.

zzz 008

The motif of my room. My room literally is my fave backdrop. Plus the lighting is pretty killer.

This look is by far my favorite!! My TA told me that I reminded her of Lisa Bonet from A Different World/The Cosby Show and I was so inspired by her comment that I decided to get on that throwback wagon the next day. I absolutely LOVE 90s fashion! Putting the crop top/harem pants and plaid hat embodied all that I wanted in this look.

zzz 040

This last photo was taken today. I recently purchased my ticket to Outside Lands, a music festival in SF. SO FREAKING STOKED. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. The lineup is seriously to die for plus, I love San Francisco and all the beauty bloggers that inhabit the area. I hope to meet Clothesencounters there. Anywhoo, so this look is inspired by the music festival season (Coachella is this weekend) and this is merely a sample of what other outfits I plan to put together for the 3 day excursion.

Speaking of music festival lookbooks….check out Soothing Sista’s past post: 



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Positive Message Monday

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing that you will make one.” – Elbert Hubbard

Just wanted to share a favorite quote with you all today. As the semester drags on and more opportunities continue to come my way, I realize that me running away from them because of fear of failure is not going to help get me to be at a place that I want to be. I need to run headfirst, and strong towards them.

Feeling uplifted on this ordinary Monday.



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Spring Favess!!! and an Update

Currently, I’m having a bit of an issue uploading stuff onto my blog so I apologize for the delay on me posting my outfits. But I wanted to talk about some of the things that I’m loving this spring along with essentials to have while the weather gets warmer.

Maybe it’s a trend, maybe it’s the season I’m stepping into, but I’m really feeling like this summer is going to be a mixture of bright pieces (as is every summer) paired along with rougher, darker, punk rock pieces. The contrast between a floral skirt and a studded leather jacket is quite amazing and I’ve started to embrace that look for this spring.

Velvet wine skirt/turtleneck crop top. Velvet galore. It’s such a sultry look and touch to any summer evening out.

Leather Jacket. The more studs the better.

35518-burberry120140412_150925 (1)

Laceup boots/Cut out Boots

More photos 010

the beanie


Cat Eye Glasses/John Lennons



ADDITIONAL NOTE: I realized that with the level of busyness and the type of quality work that I want to put out on my blog, churning out posts 4 times a week is a hard thing for me to do. I realize now that this blogging business is somewhat of a full-time job and I’m learning how to balance it all out. Bear with me! I will continue to post regularly on this site, but it’ll be more of my edited photos…

Meanwhile, I’ll be continuing to update my Twitter and Tumblr regularly! So Follow me there! 🙂