Beach Day!

I FINALLY made my long awaited trip down to Santa Monica.

I hadn’t been since last summer and since this weekend was so warm, I thought it only appropriate to head down there to enjoy some sand, ocean, and some of the shops on the Promenade. Here are some of the pictures that I took!

all the photos 023

all the photos 036

This is the floral dress that I bought from Forever 21 in early February, but the weather was still so nippy that wearing it wasn’t an option at the time. So you can see I was very excited in this picture to finally be rocking it. Florals are by far my favorite pattern to wear when it’s warm, but this year I’m going to try not to overdo it in that department. Also, I decided to pair the dress with a denim vest (it actually was a shirt, but I recently decided to cut the sleeves off–DIY ftw) to give it more of a boho look.

all the photos 040

As you can see here, I got my favorite bracelet making a second debut on this blog, along with a simple sterling silver ring that I got years ago with black nail polish on. I thought it matched my outfit quite nicely.

all the photos 033

I got these BDG fisherman sandals from Urban Outfitters in early February as well and thought it was very appropriate for the beach. Easy to slip on and off. Prior to buying them I was eyeing them so hungrily because I knew that if I get them, they’d be super versatile which is IDEAL.  They virtually go with anything! Jeans, skirts, dresses, it goes on and on….

all the photos 060

This black leather rucksack, I ended up snagging for $15 on the streets of Downtown LA. It’s really cute and is surprisingly roomy. I put my snacks, jacket, and beach mat in there pretty snugly.

all the photos 072

Some extra photos of me and the ocean. (Can’t wait to go again)

all the photos 050

My friend and I trying to be graceful dancers. Cameras do very great things ya’ll because my landing was eeeeek.

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