Positive Message Monday: Be Yourself!

Currently I’m on my spring break, but I tell ya, all my professors thought it wise to assign crazy projects and presentations to be due right before I gained my freedom of the break. I pretty much went into hiding last week trying to finish everything on time. But on Friday and Saturday, I ended up going out and shopping! (haul coming soon!

Anyway, for this PMM there was something that particularly touched my heart as I was searching for something to post. I’ve been going through my Facebook news feed and have been seeing a really weird mixture of statuses that are either really joyful and happy or somewhat depressing. I’m getting better with Facebook (thank God) so I wasn’t too much affected by barrage of statuses but I thought about how once upon a time I would be so consumed with what others were doing. Even when it came to fashion–I’d see people post cool model-like photos online, showing off their style and I’d want to show them up. I would want to go out and buy a cart-full of clothes just to do twice as many photos and get just as many likes on Facebook.

But as I got older, I started to realize something about these Facebook photos, likes, and statuses. Everyone is trying to compete (well maybe not everyone). But I have a strong belief that those that post their whole life online looking for validation, affirmation, sympathy, etc are all competing against each other in a popularity contest.

Even when I’m walking on campus, people are copying others by choosing certain clothing, going to certain parties, giving in to the same pressures, finding jobs, getting the highest grades, the list goes on and on!.When I was  younger, someone once told me that I wasn’t competitive enough and I felt bad about that. 10 years later, I’m so happy that I’m not. That means that I’m not constantly comparing myself to someone else, trying to figure out a way to show them up. I’m not worried about what others are doing–I’m staying in my own lane and I’m happy where I am. There are studies showing that Facebook makes people more depressed and I refuse to play the comparing game. Could you imagine if we didn’t have social media where we constantly knew what everyone is doing all the time? We’d be in blissful ignorance only focusing on what we are doing and more importantly, how to continue advancing at our own personal pace.

So on this Monday, it can be easy to be at work, or waiting in line somewhere just browsing casually through your newsfeed giving into the depressing thoughts of “you’re not doing enough” and “you’re not good enough”. DONT DO IT! Remember, you are writing your OWN story and YOUR story is going to be BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE to YOU.  Remind yourself that everything will happen on it’s own time and the time you have now is too precious for you to be wasting it on wishing for someone elses. You are beautifully and wonderfully made with purpose on this day and many more to come. So go forth! Don’t look back!

Happy Monday!

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