Positive Message Monday: Ode to my Leather Jacket

This PMM is going to be dedicated to my  leather jacket.

There were 3 things that I was able to do this break and they were:

1. Listen to music–Particularly the Arctic Monkeys because Alex Turner’s voice is like honey in my tea.

2. Catch up on my Youtube fashion/beauty gurus

3. Peruse through Lookbook in search of inspiration.

I came out of the break with a re-inspired outlook on how I want to style myself. Even though the weather is getting warmer, the leather jacket paired with anything is timeless. For the past couple of weeks I’ve felt particularly influenced and empowered by the clothes I’ve been wearing and the music I have been listening to and I hadn’t realized how both were correlating. I would pop in my earbuds and throw on my leather jacket on my way to work and inevitably find my posture straightening out and my walk turning into a stride. I felt tough. Individualized. Counter-cultural.

I did a little history on the leather jacket. It was created originally for functionality. Pilots wore them during the first world war. Then it became a popular choice of outerwear in the 1930s for bikers. Then in the 1950s the jacket was adopted during the birth of the greaser sub-culture which signified rebellion and anti-establishment. Then more recently was the Grunge movement of the 1980s that consisted of crop tops, oversized jackets, and of course, leather jackets. Decades later, the cuts and styles to this article of clothing are endless, but nothing can take away the cool, individualistic, avant garde nature to the jacket.

Whenever I put it on while listening to a good rock song blaring through my ears, I feel as if there is no one to talk or bring me down. On this bleak Monday where the sky is overcast and everyone’s mood seems to be taking a dip, I’m feeling especially empowered and strong. What about all of you? What article of clothing makes you feel empowered and invincible? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Happy Monday!

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Beach Day!

I FINALLY made my long awaited trip down to Santa Monica.

I hadn’t been since last summer and since this weekend was so warm, I thought it only appropriate to head down there to enjoy some sand, ocean, and some of the shops on the Promenade. Here are some of the pictures that I took!

all the photos 023

all the photos 036

This is the floral dress that I bought from Forever 21 in early February, but the weather was still so nippy that wearing it wasn’t an option at the time. So you can see I was very excited in this picture to finally be rocking it. Florals are by far my favorite pattern to wear when it’s warm, but this year I’m going to try not to overdo it in that department. Also, I decided to pair the dress with a denim vest (it actually was a shirt, but I recently decided to cut the sleeves off–DIY ftw) to give it more of a boho look.

all the photos 040

As you can see here, I got my favorite bracelet making a second debut on this blog, along with a simple sterling silver ring that I got years ago with black nail polish on. I thought it matched my outfit quite nicely.

all the photos 033

I got these BDG fisherman sandals from Urban Outfitters in early February as well and thought it was very appropriate for the beach. Easy to slip on and off. Prior to buying them I was eyeing them so hungrily because I knew that if I get them, they’d be super versatile which is IDEAL.  They virtually go with anything! Jeans, skirts, dresses, it goes on and on….

all the photos 060

This black leather rucksack, I ended up snagging for $15 on the streets of Downtown LA. It’s really cute and is surprisingly roomy. I put my snacks, jacket, and beach mat in there pretty snugly.

all the photos 072

Some extra photos of me and the ocean. (Can’t wait to go again)

all the photos 050

My friend and I trying to be graceful dancers. Cameras do very great things ya’ll because my landing was eeeeek.

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Positive Message Monday: Be Yourself!

Currently I’m on my spring break, but I tell ya, all my professors thought it wise to assign crazy projects and presentations to be due right before I gained my freedom of the break. I pretty much went into hiding last week trying to finish everything on time. But on Friday and Saturday, I ended up going out and shopping! (haul coming soon!

Anyway, for this PMM there was something that particularly touched my heart as I was searching for something to post. I’ve been going through my Facebook news feed and have been seeing a really weird mixture of statuses that are either really joyful and happy or somewhat depressing. I’m getting better with Facebook (thank God) so I wasn’t too much affected by barrage of statuses but I thought about how once upon a time I would be so consumed with what others were doing. Even when it came to fashion–I’d see people post cool model-like photos online, showing off their style and I’d want to show them up. I would want to go out and buy a cart-full of clothes just to do twice as many photos and get just as many likes on Facebook.

But as I got older, I started to realize something about these Facebook photos, likes, and statuses. Everyone is trying to compete (well maybe not everyone). But I have a strong belief that those that post their whole life online looking for validation, affirmation, sympathy, etc are all competing against each other in a popularity contest.

Even when I’m walking on campus, people are copying others by choosing certain clothing, going to certain parties, giving in to the same pressures, finding jobs, getting the highest grades, the list goes on and on!.When I was  younger, someone once told me that I wasn’t competitive enough and I felt bad about that. 10 years later, I’m so happy that I’m not. That means that I’m not constantly comparing myself to someone else, trying to figure out a way to show them up. I’m not worried about what others are doing–I’m staying in my own lane and I’m happy where I am. There are studies showing that Facebook makes people more depressed and I refuse to play the comparing game. Could you imagine if we didn’t have social media where we constantly knew what everyone is doing all the time? We’d be in blissful ignorance only focusing on what we are doing and more importantly, how to continue advancing at our own personal pace.

So on this Monday, it can be easy to be at work, or waiting in line somewhere just browsing casually through your newsfeed giving into the depressing thoughts of “you’re not doing enough” and “you’re not good enough”. DONT DO IT! Remember, you are writing your OWN story and YOUR story is going to be BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE to YOU.  Remind yourself that everything will happen on it’s own time and the time you have now is too precious for you to be wasting it on wishing for someone elses. You are beautifully and wonderfully made with purpose on this day and many more to come. So go forth! Don’t look back!

Happy Monday!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

When I was younger, I was a huge tomboy. I enjoyed playing all the rough games outside like wrestling or extreme tag, and enjoyed trying to do extreme stunts on my roller blades and bike. I have a number of bruises and scars to show for that period in life. But when I wasn’t outside trying to test my life, I’d be tuned into Toonami (the old prime time on Cartoon Network that came on around 8pm ish) watching all the little boy cartoons like Dragon Ball Z and Yu Gi Oh. Among those shows was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT). Donatello (the one with the purple headband) was my all-time favorite!

So while I was online shopping casually through Forever 21 one day, I saw the t-shirt and suddenly had the urge to buy it. It sat in my closet for about a week before I decided how I wanted to make it’s debut.


As you can see, Donatello is repping under Leonardo.


The shirt came in as a muscle tee, so the sides of the shirt are elongated making it necessary for one to throw on a bandeau to hide the goodies! Muscle tees mind me of the 90s grunge era, so I decided that with my doc martens I was going to settle for this look for the day. And to be honest, most of the time when I’m not glammed up, this is something you’ll probably find me sporting because I have a thing this year about  wearing all black . It’s just a really versatile and simple color and that can easily pass off as a casual everyday look or formal. Plus it gives you the chance to add signature colors to your outfit if you have all black attire.

xxx photos and videos 015 LIKE MY DOCS!!!!

If you haven’t guessed by now, you already know that I have an obsession with doc martens. I got these babies last June and it’s going to be a year in 3 months. You know it’s real when I’m anticipating an anniversary. When I first got them, I have to be honest–they were brand new and breaking them in was a PAIN. The material is not thin and pliable at all. But once you break them in (it took about 3 months of consecutive wearing) they begin to fit like second skin and what’s more is that they’ll last you forever. These are wonderful boots, they go with literally everything turning a plain look into an interesting one. Wear it with dresses, skirts, jeans…etc etc

xxx photos and videos 016


And last here is my African bracelet that I snagged at a swap meet last summer. I love the richness of the brown tones and the beads and since the time I bought it, I’ve been wearing it practically everyday (as you can see on the slight wear on one of the bead line). It usually gives my outfits an interesting flair of my African roots and so I really enjoy pairing it with any OOTD that looks to boring or plain.


xxx photos and videos 022

Woot! Tell me what is your favorite piece of jewelry? Do you have any cartoon tees that you hold dear? Go to shoes for everyday occasions? Tell me the comment section, I want to hear more about you guys. 🙂

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