Positive Message Monday: Dove Ad Campaign

[Having President’s Day yesterday threw my internal calendar completely off! I apologize for not posting up PMM. So hopefully you had a restful day off and are ready to start off the week. :)]


I don’t remember the last time that a company advertised real beauty in order to market themselves. So in celebration of my non-recollection of that, I commend Dove!

I stumbled upon this great article online that talked about Dove’s recent ad campaign. Basically there was an app where you could have created your own positive message so that  Dove would publish them in place of all the other ads that pop up on the sidebars of Facebook. However, the article said that  while they can’t remove all the negative ads because of the fact that companies still have to pay for ad space, I think that they are still taking an awesome step in the right direction! I’m sure that if I saw a custom message on my sidebar telling me,  “You have a beautiful smile” that would definitely change my day.  The article also noted that women who were using this app felt more beautiful afterwards.

Unfortunately, the campaign ended in Dec 2013 so the part where I include a link to the app and urge all of you to go and sign up won’t be happening. But I do have a proposition! You don’t need an app to continue this really awesome movement. We all have Twitters, Facebooks, Instagrams. Publish something that will not only make you smile, but more importantly, empower somebody else that might not be having a good Monday.  Send a text to your mom letting her know she’s gorgeous.  Be creative! Plus, I also think that there is something seriously uplifting about making someone else smile.

The video is down below!

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