I’m obsessed.

I have a problem guys.

I have a shopping addiction. Here I am, 3rd year college student (which signifies broke-dom) yet somehow I manage to rationalize my expenditures online. I’m a mess!

Last week, I was walking out of lecture when I saw this girl waltz  out of my class with these beautiful, gorgeous pair of booties on. I had spoken to her once or twice throughout the time I’ve been at this school, but when I got a glace at her feet, a sudden boldness overcame me and I flagged her down.

“Hey girl!” I said, as I ran up to her bike.

“Hey, how are you?”

“I’m good! I just wanted to tell you that your shoes are everything right now.”

“Aw thanks!”

“Where did you get them?”




And sure enough in my next class, I tuned out the professor and searched hard for those boots. Not only were they lookin’ extra gorgeous online, but it was on CLEARANCE. CLEARANCE YA’LL. The shopping gods were out to get me. So, at this point because of my avid shopping habits, nothing could stop me right then and there from just typing in my card number, (which is memorized–dangerous skill) and clicking the confirm order button. The last time I saw shoes online that had gone on clearance, one minute I saw the shoes, and when I came to the next minute, I saw my confirmation order. hah!

However, somehow this time, I couldn’t quite rationalize myself to buy them. The money that I was going to dish on these shoes, needed to be badly allocated to groceries. I forget that food is also a necessity. So I’m holding them off. One more week and my paycheck will say it all! Lord help me. #collegestudentproblems. Does anybody else identify with this? Leave a comment below!


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