(Almost) Daily Makeup Routine

Hi All!

I figured that I would do this post because while I was putting on my makeup this morning, I figured, “Hey, wouldn’t this be an awesome post to show my readers?”

Why yes, Adaobi. Yes it would. 

As a student attending college in California, apparently it’s normal for Cali college girls to be putting on 3 layers of makeup daily. I was under the impression (in high school) that in college, no one really cared about appearance and wearing sweats to class was a normal thing to do. I figured out now that it might be so in the hippie university next door to mine, but at mine, image seems to be everything. Everybody in this school always shows up to show out, and if you’re not extremely secure in your own, you could easily feel threatened. Definitely have felt that way a couple of times.

Despite that, I’m still not a person that wears makeup everyday mainly because I simply don’t have time, I thankfully have inherited my dad’s blemish free skin, and I believe that natural beauty is the BEST beauty!  But when I do have those days where I have time and I’m in the mood to enhance (keyword: enhance, not change, enhance) my features,  I have a go to routine and a couple of products that have been my ride or die. I started using all these products a little over a year ago (when I first started wearing makeup) and they have not failed me so far!

For Prepping My Face

1.  I use Clean and Clear Face wash at night so in the morning I just rinse my face and blot it dry with a towel! Along with that I top it off with my Cetaphil Face moisturizer so that my face will be nice and hydrated for the day. This is also the part where I stop if I don’t feel like following through with steps 2-6. 

ZZZ 005

2. Next up is my Rimmel London eyeliner! So a year ago, I had gone through a million eyeliners trying to find the right one that didn’t look too shiny, didn’t peel off, or worse not wash off at all because it was waterproof. Because to be honest, I don’t need my eye makeup products to be super stubborn–especially if there is no special occasion.  Finally I stumbled on this baby and we’ve bonded ever since. She washes off easy with water for daily use and the felt tip on the end of the eyeliner allows for precision while applying. Super helpful when I was a beginner.

ZZZ 018

4. Wet and Wild Mega-length mascara. Again, like the eyeliner, I was on the hunt for this mascara. I had previously tried everything, including the L’Oreal Paris Power Volume 24HR mascara and hated it. My eyelashes are naturally curled but they are thin and very short. And because I am not really a fan of fake eyelashes as well, I needed something that would make my eyelashes seem thick, long and natural. This did it for me.

ZZZ 017

5. New addition to my routine! This is the ELF eyeshadow stick which I bought in a burnt gold color.  I put the gold in the corner of my eyes so that they look more open–just the same effect if I were to put in white, only less dramatic! Such a nice touch. It was only $1 at Target so I figured why not. Now I’m addicted.

ZZZ 015

6. If it’s a sunny day, I put on blush. This is definitely not a fancy blush. I purchased it from the drugstore and because I don’t use it often, I didn’t bother to buy a high quality one. Maybe I’ll upgrade soon…

ZZZ 020

So yes ya’ll! That is it! My almost and quick daily routine. Comments? Suggestions on blush that I could use for the future? I just want blush that suits my skin tone nicely. I’m not trying to look like a clown.


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