Doc Martens.

These. I kinda need these. I am CRAVING shoes. I made a post the other day about my DSW shoes that I wanted to buy (still haven’t bought them), but I’m thinking about saving up for these babies. Like any pair of doc martens’ this is going to be in the  $triple digits . But it’s so worth it. I currently have a pair of burgundy red, 8 eye ones which are my best friends (maybe I should make a post about those). But I think it’s time for burgundy to make a friend of their own kind. Coming soon…


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It’s 1:05am,

And I’m still studying for my law test tomorrow. When I first started this course, I was really nervous about it. The textbook for this course is your typical, dense, 11 point font textbook that makes you sleepy the moment you crack it open.

Yet, I have managed to find some interest when reading these court cases. Makes me feel like changing my whole course of direction around to become a lawyer. Although, that’s kind of a joke because I can barely stay afloat during our Socratic seminar lectures. I’m just not that quick on my feet. Confessions of an extreme introvert.

As I get older I begin to realize more and more how much grades (while they do have weight) they kinda don’t even matter. I want to do well, but I’m slowly beginning to realize that it isn’t the end of the world. My main interest is really just making an impact in society, being happy, following Jesus,  and using the skills and talents to put forth something on the conveyor belt that moves toward societal progression.

I realize that tonight while I am sitting on my bed, clacking away on my computer while I have law cases on my left and pens/highlighters on my right, I will be in a totally different situation and ballgame 2 years from now. I’ve been talking a lot about post-grad life lately and for some reason I feel like I will enjoy it more than college. But then again, I feel like I’m only saying that because we (humans) always want what we don’t have. Then when we have it we complain. Anyway, back to what I was saying, 2 years from now I will be in a totally different mindset, life, situation, and even location.

I realize that this post is very impromptu and has nothing really to do with theme that I’ve been maintaining on this blog–but I realized the other day that while the posts of positivity and movement towards self love are a very big part of me, I feel like only showing those sides of my character on the internet with ya’ll is a very polarized view. Therefore, this blog needs a little spontaneity here and there. It entertains. It brings forth smiles, and maybe even a few nods of agreement with whatever rant I type out. I figure it’s a healthy dose.

I am also submitting to the fact that since it’s so late (or early) in the morning,  my editing skills are probably suffering coupled along with a decreasing effort to want to edit or make sure that my sentences make cohesive sense. I am the queen of run-ons and over-clausing. I figure that’s a healthy dose as well.

Honestly, I wish someone would just pay me to blog. #dreams.

– A

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Positive Message Monday: Self Image

I was going to make this PMM post about something totally different until last Friday when I stumbled upon this amazing and inspiring story.

There was an article (Click Here) on the Huffington Post talking about a young woman, age 23, who suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Now, if anyone knows anything about this disease it has a very scary side-effect of excessive hair growth. The girl, named Harnaam Kaur,  interviewed with HuffPo to talk about her life of trying to adjust and fit into a world where excessive facial/body hair on women is an unsightly scene. In fact, she dealt with so much rejection and negativity that she contemplated suicide at one point.

However, once she was baptized into the Sikh church, she embraced the values of not cutting any hair off of her body and letting her body be exactly how it’s meant to be. Through that, she has found a lot of self peace and has even grown to love and accept herself fully. It really is an inspiring article and actually got me to self reflecting.

I know that I’m not the only one that obsesses with looks and those tiny little hairs that exist on our upper lips. The hair removal industry is one of the biggest and baddest in the world because countless times in a week we are constantly, waxing, shaving, plucking, and tweezing every tiny little hair on our body in order to inevitably fit into a society that says that hairless women are the most beautiful. Anything more than peach fuzz is gross. Yet, Ms. Kaur has managed to defy those societal standards and accept herself fully. I think it’s also safe to say that this woman is beautiful inside and out. She has demanded herself to see beauty within herself and thus also has demanded the world to see the same.

Imagine if we had more women/girls that demanded the world to see their beauty within their unique features and flaws? Imagine if we stopped obsessing with our external looks so that we can actually cultivate beautiful personalities and characteristics. Kaur has realized that there are two sides to the coin when it comes to beauty and is using both to her advantage. On this Monday, I’m thinking about balancing out my polarized view of beauty and adding that to my list of things to reconfigure in my mindset about beauty standards. Based on this article, what are you thinking about this Monday and for the rest of the week?

– A

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Positive Message Monday: Dove Ad Campaign

[Having President’s Day yesterday threw my internal calendar completely off! I apologize for not posting up PMM. So hopefully you had a restful day off and are ready to start off the week. :)]


I don’t remember the last time that a company advertised real beauty in order to market themselves. So in celebration of my non-recollection of that, I commend Dove!

I stumbled upon this great article online that talked about Dove’s recent ad campaign. Basically there was an app where you could have created your own positive message so that  Dove would publish them in place of all the other ads that pop up on the sidebars of Facebook. However, the article said that  while they can’t remove all the negative ads because of the fact that companies still have to pay for ad space, I think that they are still taking an awesome step in the right direction! I’m sure that if I saw a custom message on my sidebar telling me,  “You have a beautiful smile” that would definitely change my day.  The article also noted that women who were using this app felt more beautiful afterwards.

Unfortunately, the campaign ended in Dec 2013 so the part where I include a link to the app and urge all of you to go and sign up won’t be happening. But I do have a proposition! You don’t need an app to continue this really awesome movement. We all have Twitters, Facebooks, Instagrams. Publish something that will not only make you smile, but more importantly, empower somebody else that might not be having a good Monday.  Send a text to your mom letting her know she’s gorgeous.  Be creative! Plus, I also think that there is something seriously uplifting about making someone else smile.

The video is down below!

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(Almost) Daily Makeup Routine

Hi All!

I figured that I would do this post because while I was putting on my makeup this morning, I figured, “Hey, wouldn’t this be an awesome post to show my readers?”

Why yes, Adaobi. Yes it would. 

As a student attending college in California, apparently it’s normal for Cali college girls to be putting on 3 layers of makeup daily. I was under the impression (in high school) that in college, no one really cared about appearance and wearing sweats to class was a normal thing to do. I figured out now that it might be so in the hippie university next door to mine, but at mine, image seems to be everything. Everybody in this school always shows up to show out, and if you’re not extremely secure in your own, you could easily feel threatened. Definitely have felt that way a couple of times.

Despite that, I’m still not a person that wears makeup everyday mainly because I simply don’t have time, I thankfully have inherited my dad’s blemish free skin, and I believe that natural beauty is the BEST beauty!  But when I do have those days where I have time and I’m in the mood to enhance (keyword: enhance, not change, enhance) my features,  I have a go to routine and a couple of products that have been my ride or die. I started using all these products a little over a year ago (when I first started wearing makeup) and they have not failed me so far!

For Prepping My Face

1.  I use Clean and Clear Face wash at night so in the morning I just rinse my face and blot it dry with a towel! Along with that I top it off with my Cetaphil Face moisturizer so that my face will be nice and hydrated for the day. This is also the part where I stop if I don’t feel like following through with steps 2-6. 

ZZZ 005

2. Next up is my Rimmel London eyeliner! So a year ago, I had gone through a million eyeliners trying to find the right one that didn’t look too shiny, didn’t peel off, or worse not wash off at all because it was waterproof. Because to be honest, I don’t need my eye makeup products to be super stubborn–especially if there is no special occasion.  Finally I stumbled on this baby and we’ve bonded ever since. She washes off easy with water for daily use and the felt tip on the end of the eyeliner allows for precision while applying. Super helpful when I was a beginner.

ZZZ 018

4. Wet and Wild Mega-length mascara. Again, like the eyeliner, I was on the hunt for this mascara. I had previously tried everything, including the L’Oreal Paris Power Volume 24HR mascara and hated it. My eyelashes are naturally curled but they are thin and very short. And because I am not really a fan of fake eyelashes as well, I needed something that would make my eyelashes seem thick, long and natural. This did it for me.

ZZZ 017

5. New addition to my routine! This is the ELF eyeshadow stick which I bought in a burnt gold color.  I put the gold in the corner of my eyes so that they look more open–just the same effect if I were to put in white, only less dramatic! Such a nice touch. It was only $1 at Target so I figured why not. Now I’m addicted.

ZZZ 015

6. If it’s a sunny day, I put on blush. This is definitely not a fancy blush. I purchased it from the drugstore and because I don’t use it often, I didn’t bother to buy a high quality one. Maybe I’ll upgrade soon…

ZZZ 020

So yes ya’ll! That is it! My almost and quick daily routine. Comments? Suggestions on blush that I could use for the future? I just want blush that suits my skin tone nicely. I’m not trying to look like a clown.


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I’m obsessed.

I have a problem guys.

I have a shopping addiction. Here I am, 3rd year college student (which signifies broke-dom) yet somehow I manage to rationalize my expenditures online. I’m a mess!

Last week, I was walking out of lecture when I saw this girl waltz  out of my class with these beautiful, gorgeous pair of booties on. I had spoken to her once or twice throughout the time I’ve been at this school, but when I got a glace at her feet, a sudden boldness overcame me and I flagged her down.

“Hey girl!” I said, as I ran up to her bike.

“Hey, how are you?”

“I’m good! I just wanted to tell you that your shoes are everything right now.”

“Aw thanks!”

“Where did you get them?”




And sure enough in my next class, I tuned out the professor and searched hard for those boots. Not only were they lookin’ extra gorgeous online, but it was on CLEARANCE. CLEARANCE YA’LL. The shopping gods were out to get me. So, at this point because of my avid shopping habits, nothing could stop me right then and there from just typing in my card number, (which is memorized–dangerous skill) and clicking the confirm order button. The last time I saw shoes online that had gone on clearance, one minute I saw the shoes, and when I came to the next minute, I saw my confirmation order. hah!

However, somehow this time, I couldn’t quite rationalize myself to buy them. The money that I was going to dish on these shoes, needed to be badly allocated to groceries. I forget that food is also a necessity. So I’m holding them off. One more week and my paycheck will say it all! Lord help me. #collegestudentproblems. Does anybody else identify with this? Leave a comment below!


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Positive Message Monday: Heels!

Another week, another $7. (Because of the saying another day, another dollar. Get it? No? Ok.)

Happy Monday all! I don’t know about you, but it took me one heck of a minute to force my body out of bed so that I can get ready for work. After half an hour,  I finally managed to lunge myself to the floor and carry on with my morning routine. While I was brushing my teeth, I was doing my daily check up on my face, admiring the naturalness of my skin, contours of my bones, and the roundness of my eyes. I felt like it was only fair to talk about self-esteem this day since I think we can all reasonably agree that everybody needs a pick me up to start off the week.

I ended up finding this awesome article on the correlation between high heels and self-confidence. There was a study that showed that British women who wear an average of about 3.3 inches in heels to work are more confident and more assertive. Apparently they also wear higher heels than their neighboring countries such as Spain and Denmark. I believe it! I’m sure when there’s that special night out that you’re planning to attend to and you finish off your outfit with a kick-ass pair of heels you can’t help but to give yourself a 10. I hope that’s not just me.

So, the moral of the story? To wear heels everyday for the rest of my life in order to obtain confidence? No, obviously not–that’d be dangerous. (We can talk about the dangers of high heels to women’s bodies but that definitely won’t be on a PMM post). I think that the article points to heels, but I think we can see that heels only give us the appearance of being taller, and stronger. What really changes is what goes on inside of us while we put on these shoes. I believe the point is to harness whatever positive feelings you get when you put on heels, when you put on makeup, or when you put on a pretty cocktail dress and re-direct it on to your everyday life when you’re not necessarily prettied up.

So while you might be in a t-shirt and jeans, or your daily business casual clothes for work, smile big, walk tall, and talk confidently as if you were in your “night out” clothing. It’s definitely a challenge to incorporate into a daily routine, but I believe that that’s a challenge worth working towards. We’re talking about self esteem here!

Click here to read the article.


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Jalapenos, Aviator Jackets, and Pasadena.

I have been AWOL for a week. I don’t know if you all noticed, but I definitely did and I’m soooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry.

I really did try to get this whole blogging everyday thing going, but the truth was that if I did blog everyday I’d be only be updating my blog with content that are just fillers that are uninteresting and rushed. I didn’t want the quality of my blog to go down so I definitely will settle for quality over quantity. This past week has been nothing but staying up late and reading for classes or being overly involved in the organizations that I’m a part of on campus. However, today I was able to finally take a step outside of my campus and go out on the town. My roommates, a friend, and I all went out to Pasadena and spent some time at the City Hall and Colorado Blvd, just wandering around and taking photos. Of course, I had to turn my roommate, into my personal photographer. I don’t think she minded. 🙂

Pasadena City Hall. Gorgey ain't it.

Pasadena City Hall. Gorgey ain’t it.



Now onto my outfit of the day! At the beginning of January, it was very hot and I almost regretted buying a heavier jacket, but within the week that I receieved all my “warm clothes” the weather had changed from an average of 80 degrees to 60.


excuse the lens, at the time I didn’t notice the smudge. 😦



What I got going on here is an aviator jacket which I snagged on sale at Forever 21, black jeans from Urban Outfitters and my favorite pair of cut out booties from Foreign Exchange.


The fur on the aviator jacket doesn’t go all the way inside the jacket, but the material still manages to keep the California cold out!


The second floor gives an incredible view.

My roommate Jee! :)

My roommate Jee! 🙂


After the city hall, I shot some photos of downtown Pasadena, including their BJ’s restaurant right on Colorado.  It really is a glorious place, I recommend it sometime.





pizza! (2)

Probably the juiciest, jalapeno pizza I’ve ever had. I hope you all enjoyed this post! Comments or suggestions are welcome! 🙂


Roller Skating on a Saturday Night.

Basically, I went roller skating last Saturday night. I was invited along with another friend to go late at night so that we could make the most of our weekend. I was down for the adventure. I had in-lined skated most of my life and I was willing to learn how to do the famous four wheeler. We got there and the place was filled with older folks. Like my parent’s age old.

I scoffed at the competition, and was actually more worried about hurting these folks while I imagined myself zipping and whipping through them. WRONG.

1. I got on the rink and was already feeling my knees lock and my legs ready to slip and fly up into the air.

2. These 50 year olds? Yeah, definitely have been doing this pastime for years.

That night was like a dream. I remember fumbling and stumbling my way along the rink trying to get used to the four wheels while I stared in awe, mouth agape at the 55 year old man who performed a double axle turn. While I watched 3 older men do an intricate step in a synchronized manner. While I watched a woman who definitely had children who were college age, sashay to the left and right, occasionally skating backwards while the rhythms of the 80s reverberated through the rink. While I watched another man break dance in the middle of the rink. All these people had one thing in common, they were doing more than just skating. They were creating art. The floor and their skates were one.

I saw men holding the waists of women as an Al Green song blared over the speakers and they skated off into the distance, their wheels in sync with one another. Each step that man took, the woman followed and let him lead. The man would skate backwards and she would hold his hands letting him twirl and twist her in harmony with the notes.

While I pushed myself forcefully forward to gain momentum, they simply leaned from side to side, swirled their hips and clapped their hands making it seem like it was effortless. I felt my inferiority turn into admiration. I stopped for a moment to stand back and watch all these people and it was like watching them in their natural element. Combined with the 80s tunes of the day, and their movement, they looked so young, so beautiful, so youthful. I didn’t expect a night to turn out like this. One woman, who clearly was taken away by the tune of Kaci and Jojo, had her eyes closed, hair whipping around in the wind and her hips swaying to the music while skating backwards flawlessly and effortlessly, I wish I had brought my camera to take a snapshot of this woman. She struck me hard.

This wasn’t a supermodel. This wasn’t a Seventeen magazine celebrity. This was  a middle aged, normal, and healthy African American woman who for that moment in time looked like the most stunning thing I’ve ever seen. She oozed with confidence while she closed her eyes and felt the music through her wheels. It seemed as if the whole rink had acknowledged her presence enough to not bump into her and so she didn’t even need to open her eyes to watch where she was going.  The level of love that she had for herself and her body was so apparent that I felt some of that transcend over to me.

I found myself actually stopping to emulate her. Of course, as an amateur skater, I fell numerous times, yet I got back up again determined to make myself as attractive as this woman. Right then, an older man skated right up to me and stopped me from causing another fall onto my butt. He took both my hands and began to lead me. He skated backwards and led me forward.

“You got to learn how to skate forward before you do it backwards.” he smiled and he put his right hand in mine and his left hand on my arm, ballroom style.

“Don’t push yourself. Let the skates move you. Left, right, left, right.” he instructed. And he took me around the rink probably 6 times until I understood the rhythm of the skates.

By the end of the night,  I felt extremely satisfied. I had to forgo control over myself trying to be the best at the rink to just letting myself be. I skated around, but I watched and was inspired. I watched and took note on these people and took note about myself. I am a person that likes to have things in a neat plan so that I can follow it. This is the second time in my life where my character quirks have translated into my performance (the first time was at a salsa night–by the end of the night, I was twirling, dipping and sashaying thankfully). So yet again, this was like salsa night only now on skates. I think it’s amazing how I always found out more things about myself the more I put myself out there to try new things. I never intentionally go into anything thinking that I’m going to come out with a moral of a story, but inevitably I do.

I think that, that night showed me that while I am on the right path to being free, to being totally transparent, and less of a controlling person, I still am on a journey. I am moving towards a destination, and with each day I have to consciously choose to work on myself or forego everything in order to stay in my comfort zone. I like the first option better. 🙂