12 Hipster Types – The Comprehensive Breakdown

I LOVE THIS ARTICLE. I believe I am the Vintage-ster. I had no idea that there were so many versions of the hipster. Maybe because I’m a college student and the goodwill tends to be quite cheap and suitable. Which type of hipster are you? Are you even a hipster? Do you even like the trend? Let me know in the comments below!



UCLA recently held a sociological discussion on the hipster. The 1-hour Q&A panel of hipster experts (including Tao Lin, Gavin McInnes, Mark Hunter and Alexi Wasser) came to very few agreements. Collectively, they did raise questions worth considering. When outsider style becomes mainstream fashion, when does it stop being style and become costume? Is hipster derogatory? Do all youth culture groups boil down to clothing and music? What is the contemporary hipsters idealism?

Some on the panel mentioned hipsters being electronic-dependant, unprejudiced, liberal, informed, mirror-glancing, art obsessed, peace seeking, covert fashion-addicts. But when most people want to be casually, yet noticeably, different, very few are.

There are two camps. Youre a hipster, or youre not. If youve ever called anyone a hipster, youre a hipster. Non-hipsters dont have a clear concept of what in the hell a hipster is exactly, much less care to have…

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