Positive Message Monday: Lupita Nyong’o


I am currently in love with this woman. She is so graceful, so refined, such a role model to look up to. .

I stopped on an article today that was featuring her in a story with Leonardo Di Caprio, stopping by to give her a kiss on the cheek while she was at the Producers Guild Awards. I have no idea why that made me feel so emotional.

Lupita represents girls like me. A girl who has grown up in a society that has taught me that having lighter skin and straight locks of hair is the most accepted look to have. That’s how men fall in love with you. That’s how you’re looked at as a beauty. However, seeing Lupita get such positive reviews on her looks and her beauty,  is transcending down to me.

I spent a lot of time in my younger years being someone that I wasn’t and witnessing this woman in her native naturality in front of the American public,  compels me to shrug those thoughts of assimilation and just be myself. Be me. Whether that means wearing an outfit that others might think is too outlandish or deciding to wear my hair in a more ethnic way.

Moral of this Blog Post: Be yourself. Don’t change the way you are to please others. When you walk into your classroom or workroom, chose to be intentional about being yourself. That’s the mindset I will carry for myself coming into this week.



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