Positive Message Monday: Changes Your -‘s into +’s.

“Take the negatives in your life and turn it into a ladder of positivity to get to the goals you have set for yourself.”

Those were one of the parting words that 24 year old Lizzie Velasquez said to a crowd of women at the Austin, Texas Ted Talk. This young woman who was born with a very rare disease that prevents her from gaining weight and seeing out of one eye spoke confidently and quite beautifully to this large crowd. Amidst the bullying and the extreme hatred coming at her from all sides, she managed to rise up out of the chaos and accomplish her goal of becoming a motivational speaker among many other goals. She spoke about personal experiences and the birth of her resilience to the obstacles that got in her way. She took people’s hate and turned it into rungs on a ladder to get to her ultimate goal. Absolutely amazing.

This is definitely what I needed to see at the start of a week. Happy Monday!

Take a look here to see the whole talk:


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