Hair Love!!

A couple weeks ago I found Tracee Ellis Ross’s Youtube channel, (yes the daughter of Diana Ross) and was browsing through her uploads. I immediately stopped on her Hair Love video. (click link here to view it).

If you know anything about Diana or Tracee, the first thing that you and the public know is that they are both known for their mane! While Diana’s hair was often a weave installed for the stage, Tracee’s natural hair was wild, thick, voluminous, and pretty much what every young black girl lusted after while watching her on TV. Back in the day when Girlfriends was a show on UPN13 (geez I’m old), I remember seeing the different styles and updo’s she would put her hair in for each episode and recalled feeling a twinge of jealousy mixed with adoration.

Now years later, she has her own Youtube Channel and is now speaking personally about the one thing everyone always wanted to know about: her hair. She begins the video with a meme picturing a girl crying and the caption reads, “That moment when you realize that you don’t have Tracee Ellis Ross’s hair”. While laughing at the meme, she then thanked her viewers for complimenting and loving so much on her hair because while we all love it, there was a time when she absolutely hated it. According to her, it was unmanageable, wild, and just downright hard to maintain. She shed a lot of tears because of her hair and to now see the love she’s receiving for it touches her. That resonated strongly with me as I too have had a very similar love/hate history with my own hair. Now in my 20s, I fortunately have a very profound appreciation of it.

However, she didn’t want the video to just be about how much we love her hair. She titled the video Hair Love, because she wanted everyone, from every background, ethnicity, and race to share in the comments why they loved their own hair and what makes their hair unique. Way to go Tracee! Way to be interactive with the public. While her Hair Love series was only a couple of videos, I believe that it could have gone as far as a full blown Hair Love Campaign. The media already gives too many ideas and suggestions on how women should change themselves, so having something like this can help to bolster the idea of natural beauty and self love. I’m all for it. So let’s start.

I love that my hair is so versatile. I can wear it in twists one day and other days I can wear it in a full blown afro.

What do you love about your hair/What makes it unique? Comment below!

– A


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