Top 3 Favorite Youtube Beauty Gurus

Youtube is my new TV. All I do is wait for my beloved vloggers to upload a new video and I’m in heaven for 5-10 minutes. I don’t know when it started happening but I started to watch vloggers so regularly it was almost like I was tuning into reality TV every other day–only except it really is reality. However, you won’t catch me watching just any vlogger. This past year I’ve been into watching a lot of Youtubers but there are only 3 that I have completely dedicated my routine to watching. These 3 women not only have AMAZING beauty/style tips and inspiration pieces, but they offer so much wisdom and strength for women and girls who watch their videos.

Because I have watched their videos, a lot of the way I view myself and the way I look at makeup and clothing is different. They seriously have been my inspiration and role models for the things that I want to pursue in my life, and how to love myself fully.

1. Patricia Bright


I remember finding her channel for the first time last year because I had clicked on a video with her and her (now husband) Mike. It was a boyfriend tag and somehow I got sucked into the madness of her OOTD, DIY’s and vlogs. Since then, I have never stopped watching any of her videos. I just find her so inspiring and relatable (because she’s Nigerian, WOOP! WOOP!) because I got to see her when she was younger and living with her parents to moving out and getting married, to now being more established and even getting recognized by social media, magazines, etc etc. It’s literally one of those “started from the bottom now we’re here” stories. IMO. I’ve seen some of what she’s been through, and how’s she has managed to cope and get through it, and I know that I can apply the same thing for myself. I really to hope to have a story similar to hers one day.

(she just added a wordpress blog so go and check it out!)

2. Shirley B Eniang


I found her channel a little bit later in the year but nonetheless I was hooked!! The main thing I love about her is her positivity. When I would go through her videos there would be videos on her talking about loving yourself and how to live a happy lifestyle. Even though Youtube is only 5 percent (or even less) of her life you can tell that she truly is a happy spirit. It comes out in her clothing, that is always refined, fun, and light. She  is another one of my Nigerian sistahs, so obviously that’s a plus! This year, she really inspired me to adopt that positive and joyous mindset of hers and so that is how this blog ended up coming about, along with Positive Message Monday. (this is her blog)

3. BeautyCrush aka Sammi Maria


She’s amazing. Her sense of style is AMAZING. In fact, out of the two other women, her style suits mine the most. Every time I see her lookbook, her outfit is something that I’ve already worn or I would totally wear. During the times when I was running out of ideas and inspiration for clothing, I would click her page really quick and immediately find something to throw on for the day. She makes the simplest outfits look so chic. That to me is an artist. I really enjoy watching her videos because you can tell she’s very unique. She has a unique background and unique quirks about her that actually remind me of myself. And while she doesnt reveal everything about herself and her struggles in her videos, you can tell that she’s strong enough to not drop off the face of the earth and stop making videos when the going gets rough. She wipes herself off and tries again.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous everyday women. Key word: everyday women. They aren’t Angelina Jolie’s or Halle Berry’s. They are women that picked up a camera and bravely decided to share their lives and style with their viewers. It just goes to show that if they can do it, I can do it too, and so can you.



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