Kaling Controversy

While browsing through Annex Magazine, an online publication dedicated to fashion and lifestyle, I stopped on an article that discussed Elle Magazine, Women in TV issue.  In one of the cover shots, Mindy Kaling is featured.

I don’t know about you, but I find Mindy as someone to be admired. If we’re talking about how many minorities are already marginalized on television yet this chick has her own show? Yeah–she’s pretty cool. She makes it up there on my list, right under Ms. Kerry Washington (that can be another post separately). I think she represents a very important characteristic of women that are underrepresented. She’s witty, smart, courageous, curvy, independent, and most of all relatable. Maybe it’s just my opinion, but I feel like she’s more engaging as an actress than say…Allison Williams (no hate to her by the way).


So when I heard that Mindy found her way to Elle Magazine, I rejoiced! Until I took a look at all the other prime time actresses’ covers. They all had full body shots and Mindy’s was a close up of her face. What could this mean? Is this another ploy by the fashion industry yet again censoring the bodies and images of realistic woman?


Annex Magazine talks about the controversy here.

US Weekly has Mindy respond to the controversy, here.

You decide.

– A


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