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Recently, I signed up for a  My Fashion Database account and started to browse through pages and pages of editorials, bios, and ad campaigns for magazines. I’ve been mostly obsessed with looking at specific photographers work such as Terry Richardson, Yu Tsai (who shot a lot of Zoe Saldana) , and Bryan Sheffield. I’ve been studying how they manipulate lighting and editing to get such dynamic and beautiful photos.

I’ve also been cutting out images and snapshots from Vogue magazine and pasting them into a portfolio/sketchbook so that I could take notes on lighting, color, etc.

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I just got a new camera for Christmas, so I’ve been so obsessed with taking pictures lately and just playing around with the manual settings. The camera I have is the Canon Powershot sx510hs. This is a bridge camera, and only a step down from a DSLR. I figure that since I am a beginner I will practice with a basic camera and then move myself up when I see fit.

I’m not really a camera reviewer but I think that if you are a beginner like me, then this camera would suit you. The buttons and options on it are easy enough for you to figure out, either by playing around with it or Google-ing tutorials. Also, the images come out really nicely and clear. The ONLY downside is when you’re editing, if you want to blow the picture up really big, the image will begin to have to some noise. Noise, meaning that it’ll start to become grainy and blurry. No bueno. Apart from that, it’s a superb beginner camera if you plan to move up to a DSLR.

My hope is that with the image scrapbook that I’m creating, I’ll be able to take the ideas and visions of these photographers to create my own images and post them on here. I view this blog as my online portfolio. Hopefully a year from now I would have accumulated a lot of images and can see my progression. I’m excited!

– A


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