The Luckiest People Are The Ones Who Work The Hardest

Exactly my thoughts. Well Said

Thought Catalog

The moments when I feel most like a New Yorker always come when I’m doing what most New Yorkers know to be normal: working. I will go from scribbling away in the corner of a coffee shop to a gig, forego sleep, and head straight to a freelance shift in the same clothes. Sleep is a relative concept, and I understand why the city motto is what it is. Because I am not from here, I still view the city with an outsider’s eyes. It has been nearly seven years since I moved, and still, I sometimes feel ill at ease in the rush, the constant stream. Other people may be moving along with the current, but you have to wonder: how many of us feel as if we’re being beaten against the rocks as we go?

There are, of course, those of us who spend the early morning hours…

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