365 Day Challenge

I’ve been thinking about my commitment to this blog. It’s easy for me to post everyday because I’m on winter break but when school starts up again I want to be able to see if I can post at least once a day. A picture. A video. A little short story about the crazy adventures of my life.

It’s something that I hope to get motivation on. Self motivation of course. I can’t rely on other people reading my content to make me happy–then I’m not doing this because I love it. I’m looking for approval instead. Plus, don’t you hate it when you see a good blogger just stop posting content? I think that posting something everyday this year will help with my commitment issues (we all have them don’t we?) Society has taught us to want something or to start something really strong but once we’re in possession of it, or once that particular thing goes out of style or popularity, we’re on to the next one. I think I’m pretty much going in the same direction that Shameless Maya started just a year ago when it came to her Youtube channel. Check my previous post called Shameless. She’s really inspiring, check her out.

I don’t want me starting this blog to be a fad or a phase I’m going through. So here we go!



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