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Brown Sweater Weather (sometimes)

It is winter in California! And if you are native to the state, then you know that in SoCal, the winter is pretty unpredictable. It can be 80 degrees one week and then the following week can be 60 and below. So one has to constantly keep the shorts and coats out in the closet, prepared to adapt to whatever the weather has in store.

In my previous blog I showed some photos of my friend and I in some casual wear fit for that nice mid-range 70 degree weather. This one will show off the warmer wear.

photos(2) 004

I love sweaters. I actually am always on the hunt for a new color sweater that I can throw on. This season, I found this beautiful knit brown sweater and that has become the staple of my outfits. I usually pair it with a print skirt to make the plain top more wintery? fall-y? (forgive my grammar but you know what I mean).

don't you just love that knit?

don’t you just love that knit?

I’m a lover of print. In fact, I own way too many print clothes that when I stumble upon something simple and plain like this sweater I get excited at how many print items I can match it with.

photos(2) 006

Like this dress. Put the sweater over it and there you go!

cheetah print. Animal print is a must in every girls closet. IMO.

cheetah print. Animal print is a must in every girls closet. IMO.

photos(2) 014

This is an infinity scarf that one of my dearest friends bought for me this Christmas. It’s beautiful. It’s floral on one side and black on the other, so it’s really pretty putting it over this top. If you’re not feeling the skirts and you just want to wear plain black jeans, then the scarf keeps the outfit from looking too boring.

photos(2) 015

I noticed that my headphones made a debut in the earlier photo, so I figured I’d take a closeup of them. By far my favorite headphones. It is a Panasonic RP-HTX7 in candy red. Sometimes I find myself just throwing them around my neck while on my way to class. This easily turns from just  pretty headphones into an accessory that tops off an outfit.

photos(2) 010

Hope these looks inspired you!



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