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So I haven’t really decided if I should start my personal blog on here or on my Tumblr. I’ve always liked WordPress as a medium to get my thoughts out anyway. Tumblr is a place more for images and gifs–no issues with that, but I’ve been really itching to write and get my thoughts out. I’ve probably gone through tens of thousands of blogs and online journals to only delete them because I realized that:

1. They had highly inappropriate content.

2. My angsty teenager thoughts were quite embarrassing in hindsight.

3. I got very paranoid about someone at my school finding my posts and printing out the pages to post all over school.

So here I go again! Take 11.

Currently it’s winter break and after a whole semester of working my butt off at absolutely everything I do, I am now stuck in a limbo of doing absolutely NOTHING. It’s a really hard-hitting transition that has proved to be quite difficult for me to cope with. Once caught up on sleep, caught up on shows and Youtube vloggers, the days begin to slow down and a week turns into a really really long, blurred day. Today after doing my normal routine of waking up, eating breakfast, and praying I realized I still had a good 9 hours left for me to kill.

For me, 9 hours of nothing to do usually means that my mind will somehow redirect itself into deep introspection of my personality, current circumstances, and others around me. Some days of introspection feel like I’ve been hit with a big ol’ bag of blessings. Other days…not so much. I’m only 20 years old and I feel like I’m having a crisis at times.

That was a tangent. Anyway, on a lighter note, today I was browsing my beloved Youtube and stopped on my of my favorite vloggers, Chescaleigh. I really enjoy her because she’s a really goofy and funny woman and often times the things she says or even the facial expressions she makes remind me of myself. Another tangent. ANYWAY, so I stopped on her channel and saw that she had an interview with Tracee Ellis Ross (the daughter of Diana Ross and Joan from the former TV show Girlfriends). Their interview was about old media (TV sitcoms) versus new media (Youtube/social media). Chesca was explaining that the future of entertainment was going to be more social. TV was going to have to be more social in order to keep up with the new generation of people. The lines between TV entertainment and social media will begin to blur and mesh.  A couple things came to mind:

1. I’ve been seeing alot of Youtubers, begin to interview really famous actors and actresses on their channels.

2. Youtube Channels are like the new TV stations (idk if I’m even going to bother with DirectTV by the time i’m a bill paying adult.)

3. TV stars need to stay relevant and interactive with their fans in order to continue to be in the spotlight. We essentially hold the power.

4. Youtube is literally become a JOB. Vloggers literally get paid by Youtube to just make videos about their life. It’s like reality TV, only…it really is reality.

Ms. Ross ended up making her own Youtube channel and of course she immediately gained a following. But more importantly, she wasn’t just some TV actress in a studio with a laugh track going behind her. She was actually talking to her subscribers and interacting with them in a fresh and genuine way. Imagine if people like Beiber, Rihanna, or Jolie did that? They probably won’t, but I admire that Ms. Ross had the initiative to embrace the change that was coming her way, especially since she’s definitely in the older age range of entertainers.

What’s my conclusion out of all of this????!?!?!?!?

I dont really know. I’m just really shocked to see how much social media has blown up. It’s almost ridiculous to say nowadays that you don’t have a twitter or facebook. It’s almost impossible to not have these things–not necessarily because I’m addicted to them,  but because twitter and facebook are the new job applications and networking mediums. It’s almost economically beneficial to have these accounts.

I have to say that this fact sometimes really overwhelms me. I kinda miss the days when social media sites were just for you and your friends. It was simple and one sided. Nowadays your job depends on it.

Just some thoughts.


Interview with Tracee Ellis Ross and Chescaleigh

Tracee Ellis Ross Youtube Channel


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